Geotextile is permeable fabric which has capacity to separate moisture from surface. It is made of polyester. Geo grids, geo synthetic clay liners, geo nets and geo textile tube are geotextile materials which provide a lot of benefits in geo technical and environmental engineering design. These products are installed or applly in construction site, roads, civil engineering, canals, dams, airfields and retaining structure etc. It is normally install to strengthen the area or the soil. This material brings improvement in soil strength at lower cost comparatively and also improves the sloppy area for planting.

It provide protection against erosion of earth and prevent leaching of fine material. This type of waterproofing material can easily be place under water. There are different types of it all these are apply to improve the soil condition or characteristics because of its property to separate, protect, drain, filter and reinforce the soil.


All types of geotextile are use to protect the characteristic of soil are mention below:

Functions of Geotextile

It is a waterproofing material commonly used in civil engineering works to improve the soil condition. Because of this membrane installation the poor soil can easily be make more manageable and soil become ready for construction purpose. Projects associate with landfills, drainage structures and other civil projects are accomplish by the installation of this membrane.

It is use for specific purposes which are mention below:

  • Separation
  • Filtration and drainage
  • Reinforcement
  • Sealing and protection

Geotextile Separation

When there is need to different two soil materials then the geotextile play an important role. With the help of this differentiation with this waterproofing material the separation of dissimilar material becomes possible and require soil characteristics are easily obtain for construction purpose. When water enters in soil this membrane creates a barrier for water to enter it prevent soil from mixing with water. The drainage characteristics of soil are keep active during installation of this membrane the thickness and permeability of this layer prevent soil contamination and allows water to flow for drainage.

Filtration and drainage

In this function of this layer water is allow to move in both directions by promoting the flow of drainage water. It can install vertically and horizontally.

Geotextile reinforcement

This waterproofing layer performs its reinforcement function by movement restraint, by making changes in bearing failure plane and by support of loads. The installation of this membrane is recommend to have design as parameter by expert geotechnical engineer.

Sealing and Protection

Fabric used in the production of geotextile makes it impermeable and brings capacity to restrict the flow of water. It is use to prevent contamination of underground water from pollutant particles with the help of geotextile sealing and protection is insure.

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