Waterproofing In Islamabad

Waterproofing in Islamabad

Many types of waterproofing material are available in market. Without knowing about waterproofing material you may face problems of leakage and seepage at your home. Waterproofing products play a vital role for many purposes. We should remember that all waterproofing materials are not favorable for all purposes. So you should know the right type of waterproofing material for your individualistic need. Unicorn Chemical Pvt Limited provides the best waterproofing services in Islamabad and all over the Pakistan.

There are many types of waterproofing materials. Below mentioned waterproofing materials are applied for waterproofing purposes The best and most common waterproofing materials include the following:

Waterproofing in Islamabad is accomplished by various products mentioned below

  • Cementitious Coating
  • Bituminous Membrane
  • Polyurethane
  • EPDM Rubber
  • Rubberized Asphalt
  • Thermoplastic
  • PVC Waterproofing membrane

Cementitious Coating

Cementitious coating includes sand, organic and synthetic chemicals in form of powder and silica based material. When the ingredients in form of powder are combine with calcium hydrate, it causes a reaction and builds a waterproofing seal. This type of waterproofing material is easy to apply so experts prefer this material for working. Unicorn Chemical Pvt Limited provides Unicorn Seal K1 as Cementitious Coating waterproofing product.

This waterproofing material is extremely easy to apply and utilize. Some experts use tap water in power before application while other use acrylic additive before application in order to make it more durable and solid.

This waterproofing product is mixed or make ready as per the instruction of expert. Sometimes acrylic additive are use after the preparation of Cementitious Coating.

Every Waterproofing products have some advantages and disadvantages the biggest advantage of Cementitious coating is its easy application and disadvantage is its non flexibility. Non flexibility of any waterproofing material increases the chances of cracks. Waterproofing in Islamabad with cementitious coating.

This waterproofing product can be utilize for various purposes. Experts use it to create a strong waterproofing seal over surface or concrete structures. It is also use as concrete for application on surface and provides waterproof seal that will last for many years.

This waterproofing product can also be utilize to design water- retaining structures i.e. water tank, concrete tunnels etc. These waterproofing products are available in market in form of spray and liquid form. The form of this product depends upon the requirement of customer and the purpose of this product. If a surface is small then it can easily be cover by spray form of Cementitious coating and if surface of a roof is large then liquid formula of this product is recommend by the manufacturer.

Bituminous Membrane

Bituminous membrane is the most commonly use waterproofing membrane. It works well for many applications. This form of waterproofing is consider the best for both commercial and residential buildings. This material is form when bitumen is combine with a mixture substance; it is basically an asphalt of coal-tar.  The mixed substances are made up of organic liquids these liquids are too much sticky and have water repellent quality. This waterproofing material can also be use for the construction of roof. It is available in market in form of sheet.

This waterproofing material is affordable because of its reasonable prices. Mostly waterproofing requirements of individuals are fulfill with this waterproofing material. Unicorn chemical pvt limited supply this material all over the Pakistan. This waterproofing material is consider suitable and recommends by architecture at such areas where temperature is not consider at extreme level.


Polyurethane is the best option in waterproofing materials. It has a lot of benefits and many of them have no substitute. So we must have knowledge about this waterproofing material before making decision related to waterproofing of a building. Polyurethane provides a seamless membrane of waterproofing that fills all cracks that make a way for water to enter. With the help of this material the water absorption of concrete place is reduce.

Deep penetration can be observe by using this kind of waterproofing material. It can be utilize for many purposes like to waterproof a deck, water tank, balconies, walls, roofs and much more waterproofing purposes. Some risk involve in the insulation of polyurethane. It can be dangerous for skin because of its adverse effect.

Wide variety of benefits of this material includes water resistance quality, prevention of leakage in joints and risk area. It can also resist detergent, chemicals and oil that can become a cause of leakage in house. This type of waterproofing material can protect your building from seepage for a longer period of time estimated 25 years.

EPDM Rubber

EPDM is a synthetic material use in waterproofing. This is apply by brush. This waterproofing material is also use in vehicles. Windows, trunks and even wood are seal by this material.These materials have high water repellent quality and have flexibility. It can be recycle. This material is apply on the top of a require surface. This product is available in market in different thicknesses it depend on customer’s requirement and its price.

Rubberized Asphalt

Rubberized Asphalt is a waterproofing product works great to protect your buildings and homes. In earlier stages this waterproofing material is use to waterproof the building used for commercial businesses. Normally before vegetative assemblies and roof assemblies this waterproofing material is apply to waterproof the area.


Thermoplastic is one of the important and strongest waterproofing materials available in the market. This waterproofing product provides durable results. Before application this material is convert into semi solid form. This semi solid form of thermoplastics seals the sheets and panels together strongly and provides the desired results.

Thermoplastic can be use for different purposes. It keep the air and liquid out so because of this property It is use for food packing purpose and also use for food storage and pharmaceutical products. This material can be use in textile industry for the preparation of fabrics.

PVC Waterproofing Membrane

PVC waterproofing membrane is made of polyvinylchloride. It is commonly use for the purpose of roof waterproofing. It has higher water resistant quality. The base of this material is made of glass fiber and polyester mesh. It is also use of tunnels, swimming pools, and underground structure of buildings.

These waterproofing membranes have higher durability and flexibility so this material can never going to tear. Another important advantage of this material is easy and safe installation. Waterproofing in Islamabad with PVC membrane sheet

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