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Koster PU Injection

Koster PU  is an injection foam for waterproofing of cracks in concrete and masonry. It stops leakages even under pressurised water. KOSTER PU is applied in a single step without necessity of subsequent injection with a solid body resin. KOSTER PU reacts only in contact with water.

PU Joint Sealents

PU Sealant is a one-part, elastomer sealant based on urethane which cures at room temperature. It is mainly used in applications relating to assembling and sealing. For these applications, the product is referred to as adhesive sealant or polyurethane adhesive sealant.

Ultra Aerolastic Sealants | Construction Sealants| Best Chemical

Ultra Aerolastic Sealant is a bitumen based product and this is a hot applied product because it is heated before applying. It is obvious from its name “aeroelastic” that it is used for runaways and their joints. Similarly it is also used in the airport joints and hangers. This is the fuel resistant product which does not spoil on any kind of spill like oil or grease. Usually it is used in the top big runways of Pakistan, airports and it seems to be flexible after application and it is durable and has long life effects. It is durable and used as a long life Sealant. It is durable and used as a long life Sealant. The following are the key properties of Aerolastic sealant for evaluation on your building . • Consistency Ultra Aerolastic sealants have a fluid consistency and are generally used in horizontal joints, and can be self-leveling. These sealants are thicker and do not run, even on vertical joints.

Ultra Bitumastic Sealants | Expansion Joint Sealant |

Ultra Construction Bitumastic Sealant usually use for the vertical joints either of bridges, canal lining joints or the joints of any big tall building. It is a ready to use product which does not require heating before applying and Bitumastic Sealant is a very useful product which is applied as long life. Ultra Bitumastic Sealant available in 12 KG drums and this is a cold applied sealant. It will represent itself as a flexible sealant after applying. So, to make sure the joints of your buildings are enough strengthen it, to be used for the construction purpose of your building can be done with the help of our best quality product Ultra Bitumastic Sealant. You can buy the products like these from our stores at very low prices and rates. You can also buy other construction-related products of every kind. So, enjoy the best features of our products and make your construction perfect.

Ultra Permalastic Sealants | Joint Sealants | Aerolastic Sealant

Ultra Permalastic Sealant is a Bitumen based, SBS based Sealants. Usually it is used on runways and all cement roads joints after heating it. This is a hard core product so it needs to be warmed up, and it needs to be used immediately after heating it on joints and it provide joint sealants for flexible surfaces. It is mostly used on roads, runways, canals joints. It can also be used successfully in buildings with heavy joints. Permalatic Sealants composite sealer seals voids and irregularities created during the polishing process, minimizing staining and wear. Place on Class V composite margins to reduce microleakage.1 For the final glaze-type finish of resin provisional, cover Permalastic Sealants sealer with barrier solution prior to light curing. Permalastic Sealants sealer bonds well to composite-type provisional restorations and can be used to revitalize old composites as well. • Bonds to composite and etched enamel • Seals micro-cracks and strengthens restorations

Ultra PU Sealants | Polyurethane Sealants | Construction

Ultra Construction Polyurethane (PU) Sealants are some of our strongest sealant technologies. Coupled with high levels of flexibility, these sealants are ideal for construction joints as well as being highly resistant to weather conditions, UV exposure and pollution. Ultra polyurethane sealants are available in two forms, one is a single component which is a 600 ml tube, second is available in two components. Like the big buildings or a big cementitious structure or runways or roads, expansion joints are made which are very important for the building movement. We suggest polyurethane sealants for the joints of these buildings. Polyurethane sealant either in a single component or in two components, their outcome is the same. The main difference is only that 2 components sealants are mainly used in bulk while the single component is used to fill the gaps of windows or the expansion joints of buildings by using guns.