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Ultra Flow 2 | Epoxy Flooring | Waterproof | Industrial Flooring

Ultra Construction Flow 2 is a Self-Level Epoxy Flooring. The thickness of the surface can be applied from 2 mm to 4 mm, which is self-evident and maintains its level in a very spontaneous way. Ultra Flow consists of three components per unit which has a base, a hardener, and a third aggregate. Applying Ultra Primer 60 before applying Ultra Flow 2 is more beneficial. Ultra Flow 2 usually use in production areas of pharmaceutical companies, in the interior of commercial buildings, in the interior of commercial plazas, in the theater of operation theaters, in the labs of labs, and other types of air bases hangers are available at airports. It is available in all standard colors. Ultra Flow 2 provides: • Self-leveling epoxy coating • Anti-static coating • Grease removal solutions • Electrostatic dissipative coating • Textured, designer epoxy coatings • Permanent moisture barrier • Polyurethane and Polyurea coatings

Ultra Fog Seal | Industrial Flooring | Waterproof Roofs

With the passage of time, the quantity of bitumen from the side of the roads starts dull because of sun light and weather changes. And the roads are starting to change their color. If you want to revert to your road, you can renew your road by using Ultra Fog Seal. Ultra Fog Seal polymer based aggregate consists of polymer additives, which is sprayed over the old road and given a new look. Most of the time, Housing Societies instead of making new roads as they have to spend a lot of time on new road and it takes long time too, use Ultra Fog Seal to give them a new look for a year or 6 months. Along with the new look, it also provides protection to the old road. Ultra Fog Seal is also available in 30kg, 218kg and big packing bulks.

Ultra Hard Floor | Industrial Flooring | Waterproof Roofing

Epoxy flooring is not possible for those who have natural aggregates, usually textile industry, football industry or big industries take benefit of it. Due to the high cost of epoxy flooring, Ultra Chemicals LLC USA has developed Ultra Hard Floor for all industries. Ultra hard flooring is applied to the top of the floor. This is done immediately after laying the upper floor of the ground. It is in powder shape and is sprinkled in two angles. After that apply the Ultra Cure 603 Clear as it is more beneficial for curing the bad sprinkles. This will give you a dust proof floor. Garment units or any bedding that you need dust proof flooring provides Ultra Hard Floor a cheap and high quality solution.