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Ultra Aerolastic Sealants | Epoxy Coating | Hardfloor | Chemical

Ultra construction Aeroelastic Sealants is a bitumen based product and this is a hot applied product because it is heated before applying. It is obvious from its name “aeroelastic” that it is used for runaways and their joints. Similarly it is also used in the airport joints and hangers. This is the fuel resistant product which does not spoil on any kind of spill like oil or grease. Usually it is used in the top big runways of Pakistan, airports and it seems to be flexible after application and it is durable and has long life effects. It is durable and used as a long life Sealant. It is durable and used as a long life Sealant.

Ultra Bitumen Emulsion | Waterprofing Floor | Construction

Ultra Construction Bitumen Emulsion is a bitumen base product which is used for waterproofing purposes. It is a single component product and is available in different packing, as it may be available in 15 kg and also available in 30 kg, 218 kg drums. Ultra Bitumen Emulsion is a ready to use product. In past to use bitumen, there is need to heat it by adding crude oil in it and it causes accidents. However Ultra Construction Chemical Private Limited has installed the latest bitumen emulsion plant in Pakistan in 2013 and this product is being used successfully all over the Pakistan. It is used to protect any cementitious structure. If these are sewerage pipelines, sewerage pipes, or piling of bridges, it is recommended to use Bitumen Emulsion on top of all, overhead contractors, on top of NHA projects. And we have this ready-to-use product, adding more polymers to make it more durable. The Ultra Bitumen Emulsion is very durable and provides long life protection to the structure.

Ultra Cure 603 | Surface Treatment | Hard Flooring

In such construction areas or projects, where water is not available to wet concrete, where the canal lining is done, it is done in very remote areas, the concrete is made and water is not available, there Ultra Cure 603 is beneficent. You can also apply Ultra Cure 603 spray on top of fresh concrete, or you can apply it with a brush. It has a light layer on concrete which does not allow to evaporate the moisture of the concrete. And the process of dehydration of the interior of the concrete is completed with the use of its own water. And no matter what the strength of the cement, Ultra Cure 603, is available in the packing of 5 liter and 210 liter. Ultra Cure 603 is available in 2 types of color, either colorless or white in color, and they are more durable.

Ultra LSR | Large Structure Repair | Concrete Repair in Pakistan

As the name suggests, this product LSR is used for Large Structural Repair. This is a single component cement based product that is used for repairing big structures. If the people cannot afford epoxy base repairing system due to its high cost, they can use LSR. In LSR only add water and if you need structural repair then you can apply it in general. This product provides an extremely economical and sustainable solution for repairing bridges and other structures of heavy structures, including Pillars, Pillars of buildings, and steal pillars of buildings.