Concrete Admixtures

Producers use concrete admixtures primarily to reduce the cost of concrete construction and to modify the properties of hardened concrete.


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Bitu Seal M100

Bitu seal M100  plastic is a heavy-duty mastic sealer and repair compound. Bitu seal plastic may be used to seal most roofing defects: sheeting laps, valleys, gutters, down-pipes, enlarged screw holes, to repair roof cracks, flashings, cracked tiles and patch repairs to tanks.

Super Plasticizer

Super plasticizers, also known as high range water reducers, are additives used in making high strength concrete. Plasticizers are chemical compounds that enable the production of concrete with approximately 15% less water content. Super plasticizers allow reduction in water content by 30% or more.

Tile Bond

"Tile Bond" Roof Tile Adhesive is a portable one-component polyurethane foam adhesive for attaching concrete and clay roof tiles. Packaged in a self-contained disposable can or canister, it is quicker and easier to install compared to traditional attachment methods such as screws, mortar, wire ties and clips.

Ultra Accelerator 727 | Power 1100 | | Waterproof| Joint Sealant

The shuttering of every concrete structure Is opened at least 10 to 15 days after pouring. When you want to open the shattering early on fast track projects, Usually in the winter, more than 10 to15 days may require more than 20 to 25 for 30 days are required to open the shuttering. Ultra accelerators are used for all these kinds of concrete. Ultra admixtures 727 is a complete mixture for Fast Track Projects Which is a naphthalene Product. In the concrete it should be added From 500ml per bag To 1 litre per bag Along with water in the mixture.There is one precaution with it thatAs you add concrete admixture Then the amount of water Should be reduced that means That in usual cases if you Are adding 25 litre of water Then with accelerator 727 the amount of water ship the 15 litre. That means the main purpose of concrete admixture is Water reduction And this Ultra accelerator 727 Does Height water reduction.

Ultra Plast Wall Putty | Waterproofing | Concrete Adhesives

There are many areas of Pakistan where a high level of moisture in the air is present. When the new houses are constructed the plaster doesn't dry up rapidly and until the Plaster does not dry up, you can't paint on it. The use of ultra wall putty is very advantageous for houses like these. Ultra wall putty which is a single component product that gives a paste by just adding water in it. You can apply this on the wet walls or wet plaster. After adding a layer of this, you can paint and if you don't want to paint this will look like paint in white color and beautiful. Most of the people delay shifting just because of that their houses walls and plasters are wet. Especially houses built in the winter, for all of them, Ultra wall putty is the best solution. Apply Ultra Wall Putty on the wet surfaces and shift to your home immediately.

Ultra Powedr 2000 |Concrete Admixture | Concrete | Waterproofing

Ultra Construction Powder 2000 is in powder shape, contains in 1KG pack. In houses, your might observed after plaster when we apply paint on walls, after some period paint start falling. Plaster have cracks with the passage of time due to weather changes. And its solution is Ultra Powder. One Ultra Powder Packet of 1KG is used in 1 Cement Pack. When you mix one pack of dry cement and dry sand, mix 1KG Ultra Powder along with them and then mix water in it for plaster and apply it. Ultra Powder is most important before apply paint to walls, to make your paint reliable for years. It also avoid cracks in outside of building plaster and also do not let moisture to enter in the building. Ultra Powder big pack contains 10 packs of 1KG packets. You can buy it from any cement store or hardware stores in all cities of Pakistan.

Ultra Super Plast 437 | Waterproofing | Concrete Admixture

Ultra Construction Super Plast 437 is known as a Middle class Super-Plasticizer. Those areas where in summer concrete sets immediately after mixing, that concrete requires workability retention. For that, Ultra 437 is the best product. Ultra 437 is a low rate and an economical product which changes the qualities of concrete with a little increase and provides you joint-less concrete. Ultra Super-Plast 437 is a strong concrete admixture that has been prepared using organic polymers and plasticizers. It produces strength without increasing cement content. Ultra Super-Plast 437 can be used in any construction that is exposed to low or high temperatures, chemicals, gas and fumes. It can also be used in retaining walls, swimming pools, basements. Ultra Super-Plast 437 has the following benefits: • It reduces the water cement ratio • Water reduction increases compressive strength • It helps to reduce cement content without reducing strength

Ultra Superplast | Concrete Admixture | Waterproofing

Like the outer world, ready mix plants in Pakistan are increasing, meaning the ready mix plants / mixture plants are installed outside the city and concrete is mixed there. That mixture is transported to the projects by the help of dumpers. In this whole process after mixing, If the concrete admixture is not mixed in it, the concrete sets inside the bowser immediately. All ready mix plants require that kind of admixture which is added in the concrete on the plant, that concrete admixture does not allow the concrete admixture to settle down for at least 2 to 3 hours. After the traveling of 2 to 3 hours when the concrete is applied to the project, then the process of setting up should be started. This process is called workability retention. Ultra has the best product which is Ultra 4 superplast 470 to provide workability retention. Ultra super plast 470 provides almost two and half hours workability of the tension, provides high strength, Increases strength of building.

Ultra Waterproofing | Waterproof Flooring | Waterproof Concrete

Ultra Construction waterproof 625 is a Concrete admixture. Like the name, it is obvious that if You want to make your concrete waterproof, porous free, then use 400 ml to 500 ml Per bag of cement concrete of Ultra Waterproof 625. Ultra waterproof 625 besides waterproofing, also enhances the strength of concrete. Ultra waterproof 625 is available in 5 liters, 30 liters, 210 liters, And 1000 liter packing. Features / Advantages: • Ultra Waterproof 625 is easily mixed with cement, cures to a hard, tough, wear-resistant surface & bonds (adheres) strongly to most of the building materials. • It is strongly to most of the building materials. • It can be over coated by exterior emulsion coating or cement-based paints. It can be applied to uniform thickness coating on horizontal and vertical surfaces. • Ultra Waterproof 625 allows trapped water vapor to escape and prevents blistering and adhesion failure. • It makes cement mortar or coating compact, thus preventing salt penetration into the concrete.