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Ultra Corr Bond | Waterproofing | Joint Sealants | Adhesive

Ultra Construction corr Bond is used as an epoxy bonding agent which is used for new to old concrete. Like I said before, this polymer bonding agent can be used within 20 days. If our joint is 28 days old then we use polymer bonding agent SBR but if the joint is older than 28 days then for old to new concrete whether it is 10 years old or 20 years old, we recommend ultra corr Bond. Ultra corr bond is an epoxy based product and it is composed of two components. After cleaning the surface carefully, mix part A in part B and apply with the help of brush on the specific area. After applying on the joints if there is winter season then let it be in the take free position for 1 hour and then add concrete on it and if it's summer then give it 15 to 20 minutes until it maintains that free position. If it's the summer season then you can add concrete after applying corr bond for 15 to 20 minutes. Ultra corr bond eliminates concrete joints completely and it's one of our best products.

Ultra Epoxy Tile Grout | Tile Grout | Construction Adhesives

Ultra Construction Epoxy Tile Grout, like the name, shows it is the grooves between the tiles. In those areas where acid-proof tiles are applied, if their grooves are filled with the common cement grouts, then they become hollow again and again as the Chemicals are applied, they expire. For all the areas that include Chemical processing areas, Chemical production plants or the laboratories where acid-proof tiles are applied, their grooves are always filled with the tile grout. Ultra epoxy tile grouts are three component-based products in which one is base, one is hardener and the third one is Aggregate. Both the three are mixed well and are applied in the grooves of the tiles. During application in the grooves of the tiles If any stain, drop or part of ultra epoxy tile grout is spilled on the tiles, then it should be cleaned immediately because it's a reliable product that if It is dried on The tile then it is very difficult to remove it from the tile.

Ultra SBR Latex | SBR Waterproofing | Weather Guard | Joint Seal

Ultra SBR Latex is usually used for old to new concrete joints. That means if your construction joint age is 28 days then we suggest Ultra SBR latex. The method of using Ultra SBR latex is that if your joint is under the 28 days, then take 1 litre of ultra SBR latex and one litre of Water in it, then add 3 kg of cement and a mixture like neeru will be formed. Now you can apply this mixture on the joint in the form of a sprinkle but it's better to use a brush. After applying it you will add new concrete on it, the new joint will be finished And your joint will be eliminated. SBR latex is available in the packing of 5 litre, 30 litre, 210 litre and 1000 litre.