Unicorn Seal K-1

Unicorn Seal K-1

Unicorn Seal K-1 is a waterproof protective coating which has high flexibility. It is also known as two components coating which is polymer modified and cement base elastomeric waterproof protective coating normally used for the purpose of wall waterproofing. Because of its excellent adhesion, weatherproofing and waterproofing properties and abrasion resistance qualities seamless protective area is ensured. Unicorn Seal K-1 can apply both on vertical and horizontal surfaces it is considered an economical way of waterproofing comparatively and also known as polymer-modified cement-base protective coating. Before Unicorn seal K1 coating or application the substrate must be sound, properly cleaned and free from all voids and cracks. Bond breakers like oil, grease and dirt particles, water repellents must also be clean property before this cementitious coating.

This waterproofing material may be apply by brush, roller, troweled it depend upon the type of application and project specifications. Its shelf life is 12 months and it must be store at 35° C or below in a shaded environment. The liquid component of this product must not be allow to freeze. If it is store at high temperature then its shelf life will be reduce.

Unicorn Seal K-1 is coated in below mentioned surfaces both vertically and horizontally:

  • Water structures
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Basement walls
  • Balconies, Plazas, deck
  • Underneath tile adhesive mortars
  • Wastewater treating plants
  • Reinforced concrete structure
  • Water tanks and reservoir
  • All similar works

Advantages of Unicorn Seal K-1

With the help of this waterproofing product large static or dynamic cracks can easily be seal it also bridges shrinkage cracks. This waterproofing product is expose or apply on require surface with flexible or rigid mortars in order to bring uniform appearance. There are several advantages of this admixture mentioned below:

Easy to use and apply:

This waterproofing material can easily be apply on the require surface and ensure the safety of worker and the required results can easily be achieve with the application of this waterproofing product.

Environmental friendly:

This waterproofing coating is consider as environment friendly material because it has no adverse effect on environment and also does not effect the health of residents of the building.

UV Stable:

This waterproofing coating is UV-stable coating that avoids ultraviolet radiation by sun which is harmful to humans and materials.


Flexibility is one of the major advantage of Unicorn Seal K-1. Because of this advantage the chances of exposed crack are reduce to minimize and there is no way for water to enter. Flexibility makes if durable and there is no effect of thermal expansion and contraction.


  • Resist hydro static pressure
  • Crack bridging ability
  • Enable substrate to breath
  • Can also be apply to damp surfaces
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Self-curing material
  • Active barrier for water and Carbon dioxide

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