Waterproofing cement

Define Waterproofing Cement:

Waterproofing cement is actually a Portland cement in which we added water-repellent agent. By grinding Portland cement clinker with a film forming substance like oleic acid which is use to reduce the rate of deterioration, by this process we obtaine hydrophobic acid. Unicorn is the best company which is providing portland cement .

Types of Portland / Water Cement:

By American society of testing and Materials there are five types of portland /waterproofing cement .

1- Ordinary Waterproofing Cement:

  • It is use for general r common purposes
  • Used for general construction
  • Used in making of precast cement
  • Used for prestressed concrete which is not in contact with soils and ground water.

2- Modified Waterproofing Cement:

  • It produce less heat during hydration
  • It will be a resister to moderate sulfate
  • It usually come to same cost as ordinary waterproofing cement cost
  • Used for prestressed concrete which is in contact with soils and ground water
  • more efficient for higher sulfur content soils

3- High early strength Waterproofing Cement:

  • It is called rapid hardening
  • It is ground finer
  • Its 3 days compressive strength equal to 7 days compressive strength of type 1 and 2 portland cement
  • It is use for manufacturing of precast concrete
  • Used for emergency constructions and repairs
  • Used for construction of machine base and gate installations

4- Low heat Portland Cement:

  • Low heat hydration cement
  • Used where the rate of heat generate to be minimize
  • Used where the amount of heat generate to be minimize
  • Used to develop strength at slower rate
  • Uses in massive concrete construction structures
  • To build a large gravity dams
  • To compress the rise temp during curing process where heat is generate at large scale
  • Pozzolans and slags are examples of this type to control cement temperature

5- Sulfate resistance Portland cement:

  • It is called Ferrari cement
  • Used in high content containing water grounds and soils
  • Require where high sulfate resistance needed
  • Rarely produced
  • Used in aggressive environment
  • Pozzolans and slags are use to control sulfate attacks

Properties testing of Portland cement:

  • Consistency
  • Soundness
  • Fineness of cement
  • Heat of hydration
  • Strength
  • Setting time
  • Bulk density
  • Loss of ignition
  • Specific gravity
  • Relative density

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