swell bar

Introduction of swell bar:

It is new type of seal material. Swell Bar is just like a rubber putty which will expand when water go on. It is used to resolve sealing problems of joint settlement of concrete structures. It is used as a water stopper bar .unicorn chemical company is best provider forĀ swell bar.

Types of water stop or swell bar:

There are five types of water stopper used in market gen below:

1- Rubber water stopper:

  • Natural rubber and various kind of synthetic rubber use as the main raw material adding many additives and fillers and plastication, mixing ,pressing and forming.
  • has good elasticity
  • wear resistance
  • aging resistance
  • tensile property
  • adapt to deformation ability strong
  • reliable for water stop in concrete
  • used in basements, dams, reservoir, swimming pools , and roofing.

2- Hydrophilic swell bar:

  • Water line to the basis of the rubber water stop
  • Being swell when contacted with structures
  • Tightness is fasten between them
  • improves the water proofing quality of swell bar
  • circle seepage problem resolved
  • provide limited amount of movement within the concrete joint
  • Used to build subway, culverts and tunnels and other underground construction.

3- Steel side swell bar:

  • For the large deformation crack the joints
  • Extended way slow seepage rate
  • Used for good adhesion between galvanized steel and concrete
  • Make the water proof performance better
  • Bear a more water stopper tension
  • play a roll on sealing
  • Difficult dislocation like wise mounting hole and steel plate connected to a fixed solid difficult to shift

4- PVC swell bar for concrete joint:

  • Used in concrete joints to control the hydrostatic pressure
  • Used After making solid concrete mixture
  • Used to fill the joints
  • Used to form a continuous watertight diaphragm to prevent the passing of fluids
  • Must be designed and installed properly to accommodate joint expansions, contraction , lateral and transverse movements.
  • To control the chemical and fluids water stopper must be compatible with concrete system
  • Take less time to fixing
  • Used as a sealants
  • We fixed it where we want to laid the concrete slab.

5- Swelling water stop bar for concrete:

  • It is just a rubber putty
  • Expand on water falling on it
  • Resolve sealing problems
  • Widely used in rainy season construction sites or in water construction
  • Most costly swell bar material
  • Reliable in expansion joint of concrete project
  • Used in swimming pool , sewage treatment , underground railways, tunnel and crevice ,

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