What is Bitumen membrane sheet

What is bitumen membrane sheet?

A bitumen membrane is used for bolster concentrate roof waterproofing. This waterproofing membrane is come on site in the form of rolls. The term and safety standard of this membrane provided by manufacturer should be read before installation prices. Fire safety is most important while using this membrane. This membrane have 2 to 4 mm thick water proof material. Membrane should be flexible and also cover any small Cracks. Thanks to its waterproofing qualities it is broadly used in construction. What is bitumen membrane sheet and its specification.

Procedure for roof waterproofing using bituminous waterproofing membrane.

Torch Equipment

Torch Equipment should be properly connect and houses to be in good working condition. Check the equipment against gas leakage by using soapy water. When torch is open it should be at lowest possible sitting to avoid sudden burst of fire.

Roll Alignment

No crumple should be allow while laying membrane and proper classification is necessary.

Installation of Bituminous Membrane

The torch fire should be apply equally and slow over the roll during laying. Torch on membrane offer a simple membrane sheet active application and are install by extraordinary skill and train operatives.

Compound Flow Out

While torching membrane on joints, closely 1 inch material from the waterproofing should be flowing out to ensure properly fillings of gaps. More than 1 inch flow out signals to overheating of membrane.

Check Joints between Waterproofing Sheets

Ensure perfect joint between two sheets is the most necessary part. Check all the corner of joints Properly to ensure complete attachment of ends Laps of membrane, air gaps is not acceptable. At gaps the sheet heat and lift with the torch and resealed again.

End Laps in Waterproofing Membrane Sheet

At the end of sheet should heat properly as to bitumen starts appearing over the sheet. Heat the underside of membrane properly to ensure. What is bitumen membrane sheet and know more about bitumen membrane sheet click on below link.

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