Bitumen Emulsion

Bitumen Waterproofing Coating

Bitumen is a waterproofing product has high water repellent and resistant quality. There are different types of bitumen available in the market. These waterproofing chemicals have different properties and specifications and it is used on the basis of requirements of consuming industry. Bitumen waterproofing coating is considered the best treatment of roof leakage problem.

The word specification means bitumen shows variation, durability and different physical properties. Below we discuss the different types,properties and uses of bitumen.

Types of Bitumen, properties and uses

Different types of bitumen are mentioned below

1-Polymer modified bitumen

2-Oxidized bitumen grades

3-Cut back bitumen

4-Penetration bitumen

5-Bitumen Emulsion

Polymer Modified bitumen

This type of bitumen is obtain by the modification of strength of this chemical. Here for this chemical normally 8% polymer is add. The polymer which is use to make this type of bitumen may be plastic based or rubber base. It varies the strength and Elastic properties of bitumen.

Polymer modified bitumen have increased elastic response. The cohesive property and fraction strength of bitumen is improve by the induction of polymer in bitumen.

Polymers used in polymer modified bitumen are styrene block, co-polymers, synthetic rubber, natural and recycled rubbers. Thermoplastic polymer is also use in polymer modified bitumen.

Oxidized bitumen grades

Refined bitumen is further treat by the introduction of process air to obtain the oxidized bitumen. A controlled temperature is maintain and air is introduce under a specified pressure into the bitumen to make oxidized bitumen. Higher molecular weights are seen in the time of reaction of bitumen components and introduce oxygen. In the result of this reaction the pitch of this waterproofing chemical increases.

Oxidized bitumen is widely use in industrial applications such as roof waterproofing and bitumen coating for pipes. This type of bitumen has lower penetration because of this method used to make oxidized bitumen. Bitumen with this property can be employe for paving road.

Cutback bitumen

In this type of bitumen volatile oil is use that reduce the viscosity of bitumen. When this type of bitumen is apply on the require surface the volatile material oil is evaporate and bitumen gains its original viscosity.

Bitumen waterproofing chemical have different grades, the penetration grade bitumen has thermoplastic material it shows the different value of viscosity for different temperature. For the construction of roads it is necessary that material use to be fluid in nature during surface dressing.It is essential for bitumen chemical to regain back to its original hardness. This is ensure by cutback bitumen. The fluidity of bitumen can be increase by raising the temperature. But when it is necessary to keep the fluidity at lower temperature, cutback bitumen is employe.

Bitumen Emulsion

This type of bitumen is mixture of two liquids. One of them is disperse to other liquid as a result of this dispersion bitumen emulsion is form. This type of bitumen has a long hydrocarbon chain. The emulsion of two fluid provides an electrochemical environment. The ionic part of the chain has an affinity towards water and bitumen is attract by the hydrocarbon part. This emulsion can be cationic or anionic.

The stability of bitumen emulsion is depending upon the quantity and size of bitumen applied. Water evaporation rate and mechanical forces also decide the stability of bitumen emulsion. Bitumen emulsion is apply by using sprays. The mixture becomes more viscous with increase in emulsion coating.

Penetration bitumen

This type of bitumen is refine bitumen that has different viscosity. The penetration test of this bitumen is carry out to characterize the bitumen on the basis of hardness. Because of this penetration test it is known as penetration bitumen

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