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Ultra Waterproofing | Waterproof Flooring | Waterproof Concrete

Ultra Construction waterproof 625 is a Concrete admixture. Like the name, it is obvious that if You want to make your concrete waterproof, porous free, then use 400 ml to 500 ml Per bag of cement concrete of Ultra Waterproof 625. Ultra waterproof 625 besides waterproofing, also enhances the strength of concrete. Ultra waterproof 625 is available in 5 liters, 30 liters, 210 liters, And 1000 liter packing. Features / Advantages: • Ultra Waterproof 625 is easily mixed with cement, cures to a hard, tough, wear-resistant surface & bonds (adheres) strongly to most of the building materials. • It is strongly to most of the building materials. • It can be over coated by exterior emulsion coating or cement-based paints. It can be applied to uniform thickness coating on horizontal and vertical surfaces. • Ultra Waterproof 625 allows trapped water vapor to escape and prevents blistering and adhesion failure. • It makes cement mortar or coating compact, thus preventing salt penetration into the concrete.