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Ultra Bitumastic Sealants | Expansion Joint Sealant |

Ultra Construction Bitumastic Sealant usually use for the vertical joints either of bridges, canal lining joints or the joints of any big tall building. It is a ready to use product which does not require heating before applying and Bitumastic Sealant is a very useful product which is applied as long life. Ultra Bitumastic Sealant available in 12 KG drums and this is a cold applied sealant. It will represent itself as a flexible sealant after applying. So, to make sure the joints of your buildings are enough strengthen it, to be used for the construction purpose of your building can be done with the help of our best quality product Ultra Bitumastic Sealant. You can buy the products like these from our stores at very low prices and rates. You can also buy other construction-related products of every kind. So, enjoy the best features of our products and make your construction perfect.