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Ultra Fair Faced VH | Concrete Repair | Concrete Admixture

Ultra Construction Fair faced VH is a cement-based single component product. As the name suggests, if any lightweight cracks develop on the inner plaster of any cementatious structure and the honeycombing vagina develops, then we can use Ultra fair face VH. That is, they can repair it. Ultra Fair faced VH ready to use product ha. Only you can mix water with it and as simple painters apply paint, you can also use it and make your surface beautiful by applying it on the surface. They can be easily installed to existing brick, block and stud walls or used in new construction projects as decorative feature wall panels, external facade cladding or rain screen. Ultra Construction Chemicals' Fair Faced panels are designed to work in any commercial space or residential project and are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, concrete wall panels can completely transform the look of any space, and create an exciting contemporary feel.

Ultra Fairing Coat | Concrete Repair | Waterproofing

Fairing Coat Mortar, a cementatious mortar that is fast setting and finely filled, is specifically designed to repair damaged concrete. Fairing Coat Mortar is made from specially selected cements, polymers and has exceptional adhesion to concrete. It also shrinks easily. Ultra fairing Coat is two component base product that is mostly used for repairing. Any building, any structure, any bridge, if the surface of the upper part is damaged, cracks in it, light surface crack develops, it is repaired with Ultra fairing Coat. Ultra Fairing Coat has epoxy base and it is extremely durable. Once you apply it on plaster, it will results in protection of surface and structure for years.

Ultra Injection Resion | Concrete Repair | Construction Industry

Ultra Construction Injection Resion consists of two components, one is base and other is hardener. Mix both and inject them into the inner building cracks. Some of the cementitious structures, which cause cracks due to movement, or cracks due to Earthquake, or some bridges that have cracks due to poor conditioning. All these structures can be revived by Ultra Injection Resin. Ultra Chemicals LLC USA's products are being used to repair bridges of heavy structures with great success. These cracks are injected with a high pressure machine and after injecting it, an epoxy product is filled on top of it, under the name of Ultra fairing coat product.

Ultra LSR | Large Structure Repair | Concrete Repair in Pakistan

As the name suggests, this product LSR is used for Large Structural Repair. This is a single component cement based product that is used for repairing big structures. If the people cannot afford epoxy base repairing system due to its high cost, they can use LSR. In LSR only add water and if you need structural repair then you can apply it in general. This product provides an extremely economical and sustainable solution for repairing bridges and other structures of heavy structures, including Pillars, Pillars of buildings, and steal pillars of buildings.

Ultra PF Mortor | Concrete Repair Pakistan | Fairing Coat

Ultra Construction PF Mortor is a fiber-based cementitious repairing mortar. With the passage of time, you will see that many old buildings have been demolished and concrete or plaster has been removed. The same process is followed by the big bridges' pillars get demolished. We can give life to all such architects with the use of Ultra PF Mortor. Ultra PF Mortor is a ready to use product that will give you the best paste material after adding water in it. And you can renew your surface by applying this single component product in a straight forward manner with the help of a simple tool, by removing the rust of the surface.

Ultra Strong M | Concrete Repairs | Waterproofing| Weather Guard

Ultra Strong M is an Epoxy Base Repairing Product. Because it consists of three components, First a base, second hardener and third aggregate. Most of the time you can see that there is a lot of heavy traffic in factories, there is movement of container with iron tires produce damage on the floor. If the floor is repaired with cement, it will not be repaired for long. If you repair it with cement it will broken soon again and again. So for such a surface we suggest Ultra strong M. Ultra strong M is reliable and once you apply it we guarantee its durability for lifetime. Floor will never broken if Ultra Strong M is applied once on it. Ultra strong M is found in most shopping centers and factories, such as stores and warehouses. Where there is a lot of traffic or a lot of heavy load lifters run, or any other type of heavy movement handling etc.