remedies of roof leakage

Most common reasons and remedies of roof leakage

There are various sources from which roof leakage comes. Your roof requires proper sealing to prevent water from entering the home. Cracks on your roofs can allow water to enter. A roof of a building contains several exhaust pipes. When the seals in pipes is broken then it create a source for water to enter. Heavy rainy weather is also a cause of roof leakage. If you face any problem related to roof leakage you may contact Unicorn chemical. We will send a roofing expert for inspection and to diagnose the said issue.  The leakage and seepage visible on your walls and ceiling are not always roof related. There may be many causes of leakage related to roof. Most common reasons and remedies of roof leakage is helpful to deal with seepage.

Unicorn Chemical provides service oriented solution to its customer. The treatment of leakage and seepage is considered urgent requirement for us. We not only fulfill our client’s requirements but also make sure that this service or treatment help the customers for the long run and help them to fix the roof leakage solution. We offer various solution and treatment of roof leakage problem.

7 common reasons of roof leakage

Most common reasons and remedies of roof leakage mentioned below

1-Rusty roof

Rusty roof is quit obvious. It can easily be understand if the roof is rusty than it rises holes and make a way for water to enter. Sometimes the effected area is hidden and it become difficult to reveal the fault but close inspection of our expects discover it and resolved the issue.

2-Faulty Flashing

Metal shaped sheets are attached to a roof for strength and waterproofing but it’s faulty installation become a cause of roof leakage. The process of flashing requires experience of installation if a new roof leaks flashing may the cause of such leakage so it is diagnosed and treated.

3-Improper tile ridge capping

It is the most common cause of roof leakage. In tile ridge capping first of all there is cutting and bending of tiles and then it is place in right direction and fix it, wait for the cement to dry off.Faulty tile ride capping appears the cracks on it which become the cause of seepage. Unicorn chemical provides the best services of ridge capping repair.

4-Rusted and block valley

Roof tiles don’t rust. There are valley on most roofs so they become rusty with the passage of time so rusty area of valley is an enter point of water in rainy weather and becomes a cause of leakage and seepage.

5-Skylight improper installation

Skylights are located on the roof, so they can result in unwanted summertime solar heat gain and during wintertime heat loss. It provide light, ventilation and views. Holes are cut on the roof to put the skylights. These holes and improper installation of skylight is the major cause of roof leakage. The life of skylights is shorter as compared to a roof so an old and rusty skylight need to be replace on time.

6-Damaged and broken roof tiles

Roof tiles don’t break by themselves falling branches of trees will break tiles.Sometimes children through things on roof it also break the roof tiles. Broken roof tiles can be repair. A break on roof tile may be quite difficult to trace. we have experts to trace such tiles breaks and repair it efficiently in order to resolve the issue of roof leakage and seepage.

7-Holes of Chimneys

There is another hole on the roof of chimneys which need to be properly waterproof. Defective waterproofing of these holes become a cause of leakage and seepage. chimneys are waterproof by flashing. Some chimneys have hidden soaker flashing along the side and these can also rust out. The risk of rusting exist in all types of flashing such rusting cause roof leakage. Most common reasons and remedies of roof leakage are helpful for the treatment of seepage.

Remedies of Roof leakage

Unicorn chemical provide the best waterproofing services to its Clients. For this purpose different chemicals are use but it is not enough for roof leakage treatment. Proper chemical coating and installation of waterproofing products by experienced staff is require to resolve the issue.

Quickly applied roof leakage solutions are mention below

1-Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing is consider one of the best solution of roof leakage. A polymer based waterproofing chemical is mix with the cement and then apply on the require area of roof to prevent leakage and seepage. This waterproofing technique is not only use for roof leakage solution but also used for bathroom, basement and water tank waterproofing.

2-Bitumen Membrane Waterproofing

Bitumen membrane waterproofing technique also considered the authentic solution of roof leakage. In this remedy or treatment of leakage a bitumen membrane sheet is apply over the surface with the help of blue torch. It is helpful to fix the cracks on the surface.

3-Acrylic Waterproofing

Acrylic waterproofing is consider one of the fastest roof leakage solution in Pakistan. In this remedy of roof leakage a transparent colored chemical is use. This chemical is apply on the effect surface like a coat. For roof leakage treatment there is multiple coating of this chemical on roof which takes time but provide assurance of long run solution

4-Cold Bitumen Waterproofing

Bitumen is consider as widely use waterproofing chemical. The application of cold bitumen takes time as compared to torch applied bitumen membrane sheet but it provide the desired results of seepage control and prevent roof from seepage. Bitumen chemicals have different grades but cold bitumen takes more time in application comparatively.

5-Liquid rubber Coating

It is the long lasting and flexible solution of seepage. It applied on the roof’s defective area by coating to prevent roof from leakage.

6-Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating is the most effective hurdle or barrier in the water penetration on the roof. This waterproof chemical is simply apply on the surface of roof which are consider defective and a cause of leakage.

7- PU Coating

Polyurethane is a permanent waterproof treatment. It has excellent water-repellent characteristics and it makes the roof completely waterproof.

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