causes of leakage and solutions

Causes of leakage and solutions

Seepage and leakage is very facing or common causes of leakage which majority of household have at some point of time and their solutions. It become a cause of damages like water marks, bubbled paint on ceiling and walls of the room or building. It is also a cause of water trip from ceiling and walls and moisture that results in bacterial growth and various allergies to the residents of the house and buildings. Seepage is directly associated with the poor waterproofing techniques used in roof and in the basement.Causes of leakage and solution help to identified the basic key area of problem and after identification it can be overcome.

Causes of leakage

Leakage and seepage reveals the importance of waterproofing. There are five mar causes of seepage in households and buildings.

1- Plumbing fault is one the major cause of seepage and leakage. In such fault there is leakage in drainage pipes, water supply pipes outflow and faulty plumbing in the neighborhood property internally.

2- Poor vent system on the roof of a building that become a cause of rain water accumulation that brings leakage and seepage to the occupants of the buildings

3- Water tank leakage brings leakage that cause damages and spoil

4- Poor waterproofing techniques used at the time of construction of building bring seepage problems to the residents of house

5- The Existence of natural water under the ground of the buildings can cause seepage at the wall of the room

Solution of Water leakage and seepage

Basement leakage treatment

Floor cracks are also a cause of water seepage and underground water is the base of seepage in the walls so it is avoided by sum pumps. A pressure is created to remove water from floor and the waterproofing techniques are used to create a barrier in the way of underground water in order to prevent seepage. water can also make way through walls cracks in basement area. In order to prevent this seepage under basement are basement crack repair techniques are used in different ways. A simple crack repair can make another way to meet seep.

Therefore, it is no a permanent solution of seepage different chemical coating and bitumen coating is helpful to prevent further meets of basement walls with seepage. so don’t let your basement get ruined. Unicorn Chemical provide you the best and permanent solution of basement wall cracks repairs and builds permanent hurdles in the way of water leakage and seepage with the help of its various products like bitumen membrane sheets and liquids bitumen coating on the walls of the basement after cracks repairing prevent the leakage.Causes of leakage and solutions help in basement leakage treatment.

Bathroom leakage proofing

Bathroom leakage problem is commonly facing by occupants of households this leakage is due to improper installation of bathtub, shower, hand wash basin and improper installation of pipe work and drainage system. Defective bathroom fitments like improper installation of sealant is cover different waterproofing techniques apply by unicorn chemicals to protect its client from bathroom leakage and wall seepage for this purpose super mega leakage control chemicals put inside by means of air pressure to fill all the gaps of glaze tiles and joints other leakage point of bathroom. Causes of leakage and solutions help in basement leakage treatment.

Roof leakage treatment

Water leakage into your building cause damage to the structure, as well as to other parts of your home. Leaching is cause by not enough attention being pay to using the “wrong” products in your waterproofing process, and you should consider additional safety devices. Unicorn chemical ensures to provide you best leakage waterproofing services in Pakistan. Waterproofing of roof requires a combination of water resistant materials. Unicorn chemicals provides such combination to resist water. concrete, steels and bitumen membrane sheets with aluminum foil and variety of other materials provided by us used in roof waterproofing. Normally these products are use for concrete roofs in order to make roof waterproof. Causes of leakage and solutions help in roof leakage treatment.

Water tank leakage solution

Unicorn chemicals provides the best water tank leakage solution services. For the purpose of water tank waterproofing first of all the water tank is completely clean and the defective area of leakage is identify and the cracks of water tank are fill with flexible chemicals coating. After this process a chemical coating of plastic form is apply and in last a coat of electrolytic chemical is apply to protect this tank from leakage. Causes of leakage and solutions help in water tank leakage solution.

Swimming pool leakage Solution

Waterproofing of swimming pool is not to just paint the walls of pools. Water in pool can cause of cracks, seepage and leakage where your swimming pool start to compromise. Our services provide assurance from all type of damages arise in pool because of water. Water stay in the pool might get dirty because of seepage and paint is coming out because of this problem. To overcome this issue various chemicals are use and apply by us to protect bubbled paints and cracks. Chemical coating is the proper treatment of seepage and leakage in swimming pool.

Deck leakage solution

Deck leakage solution includes liquid rubber polyurethane coating. we provide a high-performance polyurethane Coating that cures from leakage to deck. Inefficient installation of deck arise seepage and leakage problems so by proper installation we can avoid this problem. The doors and poor of deck must be properly waterproof it my help to prevent seepage inside the deck.

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