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roof waterproofing in pakistan

roof waterproofing in pakistan

Waterproofing is the technique which helps to resist moisture penetration. Normally in pakistan roof and walls get leaks. leakage in the roof makes the look of building worse .home owner are very much worry in pakistan .in this illustration i will guide you some tips to avoid leakage .some methods of waterproofing .we will discuss some products which are highly recommended by consultants in pakistan

5 ways to avoid roof leakage

5 ways to avoid roof leakage

  • Bituminious waterproofing
  • Cementitious waterproofing
  • Liquid rubber coating
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Bitumen membrane coating

Bitumious waterproofing

Bitumen is black sticky material. There are many types of bitumen coatings. Bitumen have several grades

  • 10/20 grade
  • 60/70 grade
  • 80/100 grade
  • bitumen emulsion
  • bitumen oil base primer

How to apply bitumen for roof waterproofing

Normally, we blended two grades of bitumen together for making hot bitumen .take 30 % of 10/20 grade and 60% of 60/70 grade bitumen .mix them both over he fire. Mix some carosine oil 10 % of aggregate. Apply a coat of bitumen primer on roof. You need to apply two coats of hot bitumen. Cover the bitumen with polythene sheet. It will provide you waterproofing roof. You can also buy unicorn seal m100, a emulsified bitumen. It is ready to use product. Any lay man can apply it with brush. It has price of Rs 2500 per bucket. Unicorn chemical is leading waterproofing company in pakistan

Cementitious Waterproofing

Unicorn seal k1 is cement based two component waterproofing coating. It has two component. One component is water and second component is liquid. It is consist of 16 kg packing. 11 kg is powder and 5 liter is liquid. Blend the both parts with 1:2 ratio. It will turn into paste or slurry. Apply two coats of unicorn seal k1 on target surface. It is very cheap method of waterproofing. One unit has cost of RS 2500. One unit covers 200 sft area. It provides 10 years of warranty.

Area of application

  • Roof waterproofing
  • Swimming pool
  • Walls treatment
  • Foundation and basement
  • Underground and over head water tanks water leakage treatment
  • Indoor planter waterproofing
  • DPC waterproofing
  • Walls seepage treatment

Liquid Rubber Waterproofing

Liquid rubber is single part paste .it is acrylic base waterproof coating. It has been widely use for waterproofing in pakistan .we have brand thermoshield for damp proofing. That consist of 20 kg packing. It has price of Rs 6000 . Each bucket covers the area of 400 square feet. That is also sun reflective. It can reflect sun uv rays. Which can make your roof heat proof as well. You can apply it with brush. It suggest for sealing of roof and walls as well .

Polyurethane Coating for Roof Sealing in Pakistan

Polyurethane is one component waterproofing paint. It is very good product for open surface. It is elastomeric coating .it has high elasticity. Which can bear the effect of thermal expansion and contraction. Anyone can apply it with brush. It is 20 kg bucket. It has price of Rs 12000. Two coats of PU can be applied on 400 sft area. It has cost of Rs 40 per sft. This pant turn into liquid membrane after application. It has thickness of 800 microne. It has life of 10 years .application simply can be done with brush .it is highly suggested method for roof waterproofing in pakistan. Roof sealing with PU is highly suggested.

Bitumen Membrane Sheet for Roof Sealing

Bitumen membrane sheet application is classical method of waterproofing. This sheet is 1 meter wide and 10 meter long. It has thickness of 3 mm and 4 mm. This sheet covers area of 100 square feet. Torch seal method for sealing a roof is used. Different brands are making this sheet in pakistan. This is very expensive method of waterproofing a roof. It is widely used for sealing a roof ,dpc ,foundations and basements. Consultant suggest bitumen membrane sheet for waterproofing a precast roof. Precast roof has certain vibration and chemicals can not bear the vibrations .

how to apply bitumen membrane sheet

Apply 1 kg of bitumen primer on 10 square feet area. Open the sheet and lay it on roof. Unicorn chemical uses torch seal method for membrane sheet waterproofing in pakistan. Fire a torch gun and apply heat on sheet. This sheet will melt and turn into sticky material. ASTM recommend 75 mm side overlapping and 100 mm end over lapping .

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