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Ultra Bitumen Emulsion | Waterprofing Floor | Construction

Ultra Construction Bitumen Emulsion is a bitumen base product which is used for waterproofing purposes. It is a single component product and is available in different packing, as it may be available in 15 kg and also available in 30 kg, 218 kg drums. Ultra Bitumen Emulsion is a ready to use product. In past to use bitumen, there is need to heat it by adding crude oil in it and it causes accidents. However Ultra Construction Chemical Private Limited has installed the latest bitumen emulsion plant in Pakistan in 2013 and this product is being used successfully all over the Pakistan. It is used to protect any cementitious structure. If these are sewerage pipelines, sewerage pipes, or piling of bridges, it is recommended to use Bitumen Emulsion on top of all, overhead contractors, on top of NHA projects. And we have this ready-to-use product, adding more polymers to make it more durable. The Ultra Bitumen Emulsion is very durable and provides long life protection to the structure.

Ultra Corr Bond | Waterproofing | Joint Sealants | Adhesive

Ultra Construction corr Bond is used as an epoxy bonding agent which is used for new to old concrete. Like I said before, this polymer bonding agent can be used within 20 days. If our joint is 28 days old then we use polymer bonding agent SBR but if the joint is older than 28 days then for old to new concrete whether it is 10 years old or 20 years old, we recommend ultra corr Bond. Ultra corr bond is an epoxy based product and it is composed of two components. After cleaning the surface carefully, mix part A in part B and apply with the help of brush on the specific area. After applying on the joints if there is winter season then let it be in the take free position for 1 hour and then add concrete on it and if it's summer then give it 15 to 20 minutes until it maintains that free position. If it's the summer season then you can add concrete after applying corr bond for 15 to 20 minutes. Ultra corr bond eliminates concrete joints completely and it's one of our best products.

Ultra Fairing Coat | Concrete Repair | Waterproofing

Fairing Coat Mortar, a cementatious mortar that is fast setting and finely filled, is specifically designed to repair damaged concrete. Fairing Coat Mortar is made from specially selected cements, polymers and has exceptional adhesion to concrete. It also shrinks easily. Ultra fairing Coat is two component base product that is mostly used for repairing. Any building, any structure, any bridge, if the surface of the upper part is damaged, cracks in it, light surface crack develops, it is repaired with Ultra fairing Coat. Ultra Fairing Coat has epoxy base and it is extremely durable. Once you apply it on plaster, it will results in protection of surface and structure for years.

Ultra Plast Wall Putty | Waterproofing | Concrete Adhesives

There are many areas of Pakistan where a high level of moisture in the air is present. When the new houses are constructed the plaster doesn't dry up rapidly and until the Plaster does not dry up, you can't paint on it. The use of ultra wall putty is very advantageous for houses like these. Ultra wall putty which is a single component product that gives a paste by just adding water in it. You can apply this on the wet walls or wet plaster. After adding a layer of this, you can paint and if you don't want to paint this will look like paint in white color and beautiful. Most of the people delay shifting just because of that their houses walls and plasters are wet. Especially houses built in the winter, for all of them, Ultra wall putty is the best solution. Apply Ultra Wall Putty on the wet surfaces and shift to your home immediately.

Ultra Powedr 2000 |Concrete Admixture | Concrete | Waterproofing

Ultra Construction Powder 2000 is in powder shape, contains in 1KG pack. In houses, your might observed after plaster when we apply paint on walls, after some period paint start falling. Plaster have cracks with the passage of time due to weather changes. And its solution is Ultra Powder. One Ultra Powder Packet of 1KG is used in 1 Cement Pack. When you mix one pack of dry cement and dry sand, mix 1KG Ultra Powder along with them and then mix water in it for plaster and apply it. Ultra Powder is most important before apply paint to walls, to make your paint reliable for years. It also avoid cracks in outside of building plaster and also do not let moisture to enter in the building. Ultra Powder big pack contains 10 packs of 1KG packets. You can buy it from any cement store or hardware stores in all cities of Pakistan.

Ultra Seal Flex | Waterproofing | Construction Chemicals

Ultra Construction Seal Flex is a single component product available in white color. You just have to open it and mix it in the right way so you will be find just like distemper ready to use product. Apply Ultra Seal Flex to the area where you want to use it. Ultra Seal Flex is more suitable for waterproofing of fiberglass roofs and waterproofing of asphalt roofs. It has a very good grip with the structure. In addition, it is a very flexible product that does not crack with the movement of the structure. It provides a durable solution. Another feature of Ultra Seal Flax is that it is in white color, so it reflects a little bit of heat and we can use it for heat proofing. This dual purpose is to provide you with waterproofing and heat proofing. In summers apply second coat after 3 to 4 hours of the application of first coat. If you are doing this in winter, it is better to apply it next day. It will give you an extremely beautiful, flexible and smooth finish.

Ultra Strong M | Concrete Repairs | Waterproofing| Weather Guard

Ultra Strong M is an Epoxy Base Repairing Product. Because it consists of three components, First a base, second hardener and third aggregate. Most of the time you can see that there is a lot of heavy traffic in factories, there is movement of container with iron tires produce damage on the floor. If the floor is repaired with cement, it will not be repaired for long. If you repair it with cement it will broken soon again and again. So for such a surface we suggest Ultra strong M. Ultra strong M is reliable and once you apply it we guarantee its durability for lifetime. Floor will never broken if Ultra Strong M is applied once on it. Ultra strong M is found in most shopping centers and factories, such as stores and warehouses. Where there is a lot of traffic or a lot of heavy load lifters run, or any other type of heavy movement handling etc.

Ultra Super Plast 437 | Waterproofing | Concrete Admixture

Ultra Construction Super Plast 437 is known as a Middle class Super-Plasticizer. Those areas where in summer concrete sets immediately after mixing, that concrete requires workability retention. For that, Ultra 437 is the best product. Ultra 437 is a low rate and an economical product which changes the qualities of concrete with a little increase and provides you joint-less concrete. Ultra Super-Plast 437 is a strong concrete admixture that has been prepared using organic polymers and plasticizers. It produces strength without increasing cement content. Ultra Super-Plast 437 can be used in any construction that is exposed to low or high temperatures, chemicals, gas and fumes. It can also be used in retaining walls, swimming pools, basements. Ultra Super-Plast 437 has the following benefits: • It reduces the water cement ratio • Water reduction increases compressive strength • It helps to reduce cement content without reducing strength

Ultra Superplast | Concrete Admixture | Waterproofing

Like the outer world, ready mix plants in Pakistan are increasing, meaning the ready mix plants / mixture plants are installed outside the city and concrete is mixed there. That mixture is transported to the projects by the help of dumpers. In this whole process after mixing, If the concrete admixture is not mixed in it, the concrete sets inside the bowser immediately. All ready mix plants require that kind of admixture which is added in the concrete on the plant, that concrete admixture does not allow the concrete admixture to settle down for at least 2 to 3 hours. After the traveling of 2 to 3 hours when the concrete is applied to the project, then the process of setting up should be started. This process is called workability retention. Ultra has the best product which is Ultra 4 superplast 470 to provide workability retention. Ultra super plast 470 provides almost two and half hours workability of the tension, provides high strength, Increases strength of building.

Ultra Tile Bond | Tile Adhesives | Waterproofing | Chemicals

Ultra Tile Bond is available in a 20 kg package because it's a single component product. Any type of tile fixing including floor tile fixing, horizontal fixing, vertical fixing,this product is best for all. It's a ready to use product. Other products in the market you get, you have to add polymers or cement, all you have to add by yourself but all the things are available in ultra tile bonds. you just have to add water and after adding water, an excellent paste will be ready. With the help of this paste, you can apply this on the tiles whether in washroom or vertically or horizontally and Steeleville stay for a long time and will never expire. The above-mentioned product is one of our master pieces and they are made up of the best quality materials that are available at our stores and our outlets. You just have to visit our stores and can purchase them at a very low price with warranty. So, make your construction at the best level and feel the comfort for the rest of your life.

Ultra Weather Guard | Water Repellent | Waterproofing

Ultra weather guard is used as a water repellent. This is a single component product, which will make you look like water. Some people has made, big beautiful buildings which is made of red colored bricks, which is called Gutka bricks. Some of these use marbles outside of their buildings, but all of them are absorb water, as it is raining on top of them, this water penetrates its interior and building. For the solution of all these, Ultra has adopted the name of its product Weather Guard. This single component is available in a completely transparent color and can be applied with a brush after cleaning the surface properly or we can apply it with a spray. In other words, it prevents 100% of water penetration. And this product of Ultra stays effective for at least 15 years.

Unicorn Seal K1 waterproofing chemical

Unicorn Seal K1 is two component elastomeric cement based waterproofing coating.

Unicorn Seal K-1

Unicorn Seal K-1 is a waterproof protective coating which has high flexibility. It is also known as two components coating which is polymer modified and cement based elastomeric waterproof protective coating normally used for the purpose of concrete waterproofing. Because of its excellent adhesion, weatherproofing and waterproofing properties and abrasion resistance qualities seamless protective area is ensured. Unicorn Seal K-1 ,waterproofing chemical ,can apply both on vertical and horizontal surfaces it is considered an economical way of waterproofing comparatively and also known as polymer-modified cement-based protective coating. Before Unicorn seal K1 waterproofing chemical coating or application the substrate must be sound, properly cleaned and free from all voids and cracks. Bond breakers like oil, grease and dirt particles, water repellents must also be cleaned property before this cementitious coating. This waterproofing chemical  material may be applied by brush, roller, troweled it depend upon the type of application and project specifications. Its shelf life is 12 months and it must be stored at 35° C or below in a shaded environment. The liquid component of this product must not be allowed to freeze. If it is stored at high temperature then its shelf life will be reduced. Unicorn Seal K-1 is coated in below mentioned surfaces both vertically and horizontally:
  • Water structures
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Basement walls
  • Balconies, Plazas, deck
  • Underneath tile adhesive mortars
  • Wastewater treating plants
  • Reinforced concrete structure
  • Water tanks and reservoir
  • All similar works

Advantages of Unicorn Seal K-1

With the help of this waterproofing product large static or dynamic cracks can easily be sealed it also bridges shrinkage cracks. This waterproofing product is exposed or applied on required surface with flexible or rigid mortars in order to bring uniform appearance. There are several advantages of this admixture mentioned below:

Easy to use and apply:

This waterproofing material can easily be applied on the required surface and ensure the safety of worker and the required results can easily be achieved with the application of this waterproofing product.

Environmental friendly:

This waterproofing coating is considered as environment friendly material because it has no adverse effect on environment and also does not effect the health of residents of the building.

UV Stable:

This waterproofing chemical coating is UV-stable coating that avoids ultraviolet radiation by sun which is harmful to humans and materials.


Flexibility is one of the major advantage of Unicorn Seal K-1. Because of this advantage the chances of exposed crack are reduced to minimized and there is no way for water to enter. Flexibility makes if durable and there is no effect of thermal expansion and contraction.


  • Resist hydro static pressure
  • Crack bridging ability
  • Enable substrate to breath
  • Can also be applied to damp surfaces
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Self-curing material
  • Active barrier for water and Carbon dioxide