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Ultra Fog Seal | Industrial Flooring | Waterproof Roofs

With the passage of time, the quantity of bitumen from the side of the roads starts dull because of sun light and weather changes. And the roads are starting to change their color. If you want to revert to your road, you can renew your road by using Ultra Fog Seal. Ultra Fog Seal polymer based aggregate consists of polymer additives, which is sprayed over the old road and given a new look. Most of the time, Housing Societies instead of making new roads as they have to spend a lot of time on new road and it takes long time too, use Ultra Fog Seal to give them a new look for a year or 6 months. Along with the new look, it also provides protection to the old road. Ultra Fog Seal is also available in 30kg, 218kg and big packing bulks.