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Ultra Super Plast 437 | Waterproofing | Concrete Admixture

Ultra Construction Super Plast 437 is known as a Middle class Super-Plasticizer. Those areas where in summer concrete sets immediately after mixing, that concrete requires workability retention. For that, Ultra 437 is the best product. Ultra 437 is a low rate and an economical product which changes the qualities of concrete with a little increase and provides you joint-less concrete. Ultra Super-Plast 437 is a strong concrete admixture that has been prepared using organic polymers and plasticizers. It produces strength without increasing cement content. Ultra Super-Plast 437 can be used in any construction that is exposed to low or high temperatures, chemicals, gas and fumes. It can also be used in retaining walls, swimming pools, basements. Ultra Super-Plast 437 has the following benefits: • It reduces the water cement ratio • Water reduction increases compressive strength • It helps to reduce cement content without reducing strength