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Ultra Strong M | Concrete Repairs | Waterproofing| Weather Guard

Ultra Strong M is an Epoxy Base Repairing Product. Because it consists of three components, First a base, second hardener and third aggregate. Most of the time you can see that there is a lot of heavy traffic in factories, there is movement of container with iron tires produce damage on the floor. If the floor is repaired with cement, it will not be repaired for long. If you repair it with cement it will broken soon again and again. So for such a surface we suggest Ultra strong M. Ultra strong M is reliable and once you apply it we guarantee its durability for lifetime. Floor will never broken if Ultra Strong M is applied once on it. Ultra strong M is found in most shopping centers and factories, such as stores and warehouses. Where there is a lot of traffic or a lot of heavy load lifters run, or any other type of heavy movement handling etc.