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Ultra PU Sealants | Polyurethane Sealants | Construction

Ultra Construction Polyurethane (PU) Sealants are some of our strongest sealant technologies. Coupled with high levels of flexibility, these sealants are ideal for construction joints as well as being highly resistant to weather conditions, UV exposure and pollution. Ultra polyurethane sealants are available in two forms, one is a single component which is a 600 ml tube, second is available in two components. Like the big buildings or a big cementitious structure or runways or roads, expansion joints are made which are very important for the building movement. We suggest polyurethane sealants for the joints of these buildings. Polyurethane sealant either in a single component or in two components, their outcome is the same. The main difference is only that 2 components sealants are mainly used in bulk while the single component is used to fill the gaps of windows or the expansion joints of buildings by using guns.