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Ultra Permalastic Sealants | Joint Sealants | Aerolastic Sealant

Ultra Permalastic Sealant is a Bitumen based, SBS based Sealants. Usually it is used on runways and all cement roads joints after heating it. This is a hard core product so it needs to be warmed up, and it needs to be used immediately after heating it on joints and it provide joint sealants for flexible surfaces. It is mostly used on roads, runways, canals joints. It can also be used successfully in buildings with heavy joints. Permalatic Sealants composite sealer seals voids and irregularities created during the polishing process, minimizing staining and wear. Place on Class V composite margins to reduce microleakage.1 For the final glaze-type finish of resin provisional, cover Permalastic Sealants sealer with barrier solution prior to light curing. Permalastic Sealants sealer bonds well to composite-type provisional restorations and can be used to revitalize old composites as well. • Bonds to composite and etched enamel • Seals micro-cracks and strengthens restorations