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Ultra Tile Bond | Tile Adhesives | Waterproofing | Chemicals

Ultra Tile Bond is available in a 20 kg package because it's a single component product. Any type of tile fixing including floor tile fixing, horizontal fixing, vertical fixing,this product is best for all. It's a ready to use product. Other products in the market you get, you have to add polymers or cement, all you have to add by yourself but all the things are available in ultra tile bonds. you just have to add water and after adding water, an excellent paste will be ready. With the help of this paste, you can apply this on the tiles whether in washroom or vertically or horizontally and Steeleville stay for a long time and will never expire. The above-mentioned product is one of our master pieces and they are made up of the best quality materials that are available at our stores and our outlets. You just have to visit our stores and can purchase them at a very low price with warranty. So, make your construction at the best level and feel the comfort for the rest of your life.