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Ultra Screed 5 | Industrial Flooring | Hard Floor | Waterproof

Many industries in which heavy cement, such as heavy weight lifters, break their carpeted floors, cause the carpets to crack within the industrial areas. For these we suggest Ultra Screed 5, Ultra Screed 5 consists of 3 components. One component is Hardener, one is Base and the third is Aggregates. After mixing these three, a layer is spread on the normal bed which is spread from 5 mm to 10 mm thick. The lifter on this road, whether it weighs 20 tons or any type of heavy traffic, you can drive on it or it will provide you with a long life flow. This product is also used in the warehouses where chemicals fall. Because it is also highly Chemical resistant. This is a lifetime product once you put it in your industry, within your warehouses. Ultra Construction Chemicals Pvt Ltd will provide you with this lifetime guarantee.