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Ultra Aerolastic Sealants | Construction Sealants| Best Chemical

Ultra Aerolastic Sealant is a bitumen based product and this is a hot applied product because it is heated before applying. It is obvious from its name “aeroelastic” that it is used for runaways and their joints. Similarly it is also used in the airport joints and hangers. This is the fuel resistant product which does not spoil on any kind of spill like oil or grease. Usually it is used in the top big runways of Pakistan, airports and it seems to be flexible after application and it is durable and has long life effects. It is durable and used as a long life Sealant. It is durable and used as a long life Sealant. The following are the key properties of Aerolastic sealant for evaluation on your building . • Consistency Ultra Aerolastic sealants have a fluid consistency and are generally used in horizontal joints, and can be self-leveling. These sealants are thicker and do not run, even on vertical joints.