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Ultra Aerolastic Sealants | Epoxy Coating | Hardfloor | Chemical

Ultra construction Aeroelastic Sealants is a bitumen based product and this is a hot applied product because it is heated before applying. It is obvious from its name “aeroelastic” that it is used for runaways and their joints. Similarly it is also used in the airport joints and hangers. This is the fuel resistant product which does not spoil on any kind of spill like oil or grease. Usually it is used in the top big runways of Pakistan, airports and it seems to be flexible after application and it is durable and has long life effects. It is durable and used as a long life Sealant. It is durable and used as a long life Sealant.

Ultra Seal Flex | Waterproofing | Construction Chemicals

Ultra Construction Seal Flex is a single component product available in white color. You just have to open it and mix it in the right way so you will be find just like distemper ready to use product. Apply Ultra Seal Flex to the area where you want to use it. Ultra Seal Flex is more suitable for waterproofing of fiberglass roofs and waterproofing of asphalt roofs. It has a very good grip with the structure. In addition, it is a very flexible product that does not crack with the movement of the structure. It provides a durable solution. Another feature of Ultra Seal Flax is that it is in white color, so it reflects a little bit of heat and we can use it for heat proofing. This dual purpose is to provide you with waterproofing and heat proofing. In summers apply second coat after 3 to 4 hours of the application of first coat. If you are doing this in winter, it is better to apply it next day. It will give you an extremely beautiful, flexible and smooth finish.

Ultra Termi Kill | Construction Chemicals in Pakistan

As the name implies, this is the best product for termite proofing. Any new construction should be sprayed in its basis till 10mm penetration. After bases, next phase is to spray before flooring, do same flooding spray before spreading water on it. This is the best product for termite. If someone wants to do termite proofing in old home, then Ultra Chemical agents are available everywhere for you. If you want to anti-termite for any wooden cupboards or any wooden structure, you can use 1 liter of Termi-Kill to 5 liters of crude oil.