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Ultra Fair Faced VH | Concrete Repair | Concrete Admixture

Ultra Construction Fair faced VH is a cement-based single component product. As the name suggests, if any lightweight cracks develop on the inner plaster of any cementatious structure and the honeycombing vagina develops, then we can use Ultra fair face VH. That is, they can repair it. Ultra Fair faced VH ready to use product ha. Only you can mix water with it and as simple painters apply paint, you can also use it and make your surface beautiful by applying it on the surface. They can be easily installed to existing brick, block and stud walls or used in new construction projects as decorative feature wall panels, external facade cladding or rain screen. Ultra Construction Chemicals' Fair Faced panels are designed to work in any commercial space or residential project and are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, concrete wall panels can completely transform the look of any space, and create an exciting contemporary feel.

Ultra Powedr 2000 |Concrete Admixture | Concrete | Waterproofing

Ultra Construction Powder 2000 is in powder shape, contains in 1KG pack. In houses, your might observed after plaster when we apply paint on walls, after some period paint start falling. Plaster have cracks with the passage of time due to weather changes. And its solution is Ultra Powder. One Ultra Powder Packet of 1KG is used in 1 Cement Pack. When you mix one pack of dry cement and dry sand, mix 1KG Ultra Powder along with them and then mix water in it for plaster and apply it. Ultra Powder is most important before apply paint to walls, to make your paint reliable for years. It also avoid cracks in outside of building plaster and also do not let moisture to enter in the building. Ultra Powder big pack contains 10 packs of 1KG packets. You can buy it from any cement store or hardware stores in all cities of Pakistan.

Ultra Super Plast 437 | Waterproofing | Concrete Admixture

Ultra Construction Super Plast 437 is known as a Middle class Super-Plasticizer. Those areas where in summer concrete sets immediately after mixing, that concrete requires workability retention. For that, Ultra 437 is the best product. Ultra 437 is a low rate and an economical product which changes the qualities of concrete with a little increase and provides you joint-less concrete. Ultra Super-Plast 437 is a strong concrete admixture that has been prepared using organic polymers and plasticizers. It produces strength without increasing cement content. Ultra Super-Plast 437 can be used in any construction that is exposed to low or high temperatures, chemicals, gas and fumes. It can also be used in retaining walls, swimming pools, basements. Ultra Super-Plast 437 has the following benefits: • It reduces the water cement ratio • Water reduction increases compressive strength • It helps to reduce cement content without reducing strength

Ultra Superplast | Concrete Admixture | Waterproofing

Like the outer world, ready mix plants in Pakistan are increasing, meaning the ready mix plants / mixture plants are installed outside the city and concrete is mixed there. That mixture is transported to the projects by the help of dumpers. In this whole process after mixing, If the concrete admixture is not mixed in it, the concrete sets inside the bowser immediately. All ready mix plants require that kind of admixture which is added in the concrete on the plant, that concrete admixture does not allow the concrete admixture to settle down for at least 2 to 3 hours. After the traveling of 2 to 3 hours when the concrete is applied to the project, then the process of setting up should be started. This process is called workability retention. Ultra has the best product which is Ultra 4 superplast 470 to provide workability retention. Ultra super plast 470 provides almost two and half hours workability of the tension, provides high strength, Increases strength of building.