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Ultra Plast Wall Putty | Waterproofing | Concrete Adhesives

There are many areas of Pakistan where a high level of moisture in the air is present. When the new houses are constructed the plaster doesn't dry up rapidly and until the Plaster does not dry up, you can't paint on it. The use of ultra wall putty is very advantageous for houses like these. Ultra wall putty which is a single component product that gives a paste by just adding water in it. You can apply this on the wet walls or wet plaster. After adding a layer of this, you can paint and if you don't want to paint this will look like paint in white color and beautiful. Most of the people delay shifting just because of that their houses walls and plasters are wet. Especially houses built in the winter, for all of them, Ultra wall putty is the best solution. Apply Ultra Wall Putty on the wet surfaces and shift to your home immediately.