Heat Proofing

Heat Proofing Paints

Heatproofing Paints

Heat proofing paint is an insulation material also known as cool roof paint. It is cost effective solution to avoid heat. There are several types of Heatproofing paints available in market. It is applied on the external interior walls. There are some additives available in markets which are mixed in insulation paint to get the desired results. Experts recommend multiple coats of paint to make a wall heatproof. Weather depends upon the area where people live. In Pakistan weather is hot and there are unpredictable rains. Most of the buildings and houses in Pakistan are constructed without noticing the weather conditions that’s why there are a lot of leakage problems faced by residents. Most of the buildings absorb too much heat from sun and remain warm. Unicorn chemical pvt limited provide the best products and services regarding waterproofing and heatproofing to overcome said problems mentioned above in all over the Pakistan. We have gained significant no of customers due to high quality products and services and highly dedicated staff.

There are several materials used for heatproofing purposes available in market but the materials painted with light colors are considered best to reflect the light and heat and reveals cooling effects even in sunlight.

The dark surfaces of a building absorb more heat comparatively and cause to increase temperature. When we touched the dark area of an object placed in sunlight we feel it extremely hot and heated. Therefore the insulation paints are available in lighter colors and have heat reflection traits that increase its worth. Unicorn chemical is the best supplier of heatproofing paints..

Simply coating of heatproofing paints on the required area become a cause of power savings by minimizing power expenses.

The outdoor areas are open to sunlight and rainy season roof, porch and entry points of a house or building are also open for warm air absorption and rains. Heat reflective coating of heatproofing paint provided by Unicorn chemical pvt limited resists the negative effect of ultra violet rays and create a strong barrier for heat and water to enter.

Heatproofing paint is not only a heat reflecting coating but also acts as ultra violet barrier, waterproof material and reveals an outstanding look.

Heat proofing paint helps to prevent heat shock. A roof may experience a heat shock when cold rain hits after sunshine as a result hot roof shows an extreme contraction which becomes a cause of cracks on roof that make a way for water and heat to enter.

Benefits of heatproofing paint are mentioned below:

  • Minimized power bills
  • No need of air conditioning equipment
  • Prolonged roof life
  • Improved comfort and elegance

Heat proofing paint not only creates and excellent barrier against all type of leakage of water but also prevents a building against thermal expansion and contraction by avoiding heat shocks. Heat proofing paint are considered environment friendly. Air conditioning and other cooling appliances are not good for environment and power cost also increased by usage of these appliances.


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