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Roof Waterproofing Service

Roof Waterproofing Service is the process to make roof surface waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains unaffected by water and seepage under specific conditions. In order to make an object or surface waterproof, different waterproofing products can be use according to the situation or requirement of surface or object. Waterproofing items are use in wet environments or underwater to specified depths.

Waterproofing products often refer to resistance to penetration of water in its liquid state and possibly under pressure, In roof waterproofing it helps to resist humidity and penetration of water. A roof can be waterproof by applying Tar, Bitumen and pitch. These are outdate ways to make a roof waterproof now a roof. It can be made waterproof by applying water-repellent coatings or by sealing seams with gaskets and by using O-rings. Bituminous roof waterproofing service technique is consider the best way to make a surface waterproof. Bitumen membrane sheet Installation and bitumen coating are consider the most effective way to make a roof waterproof.

Roof Waterproofing Service is use in reference to building structures such as basements, decks, roof, wet areas of a building.

Ways to make a Roof Waterproof

  • Cementitious waterproofing
  • Bituminous waterproofing
  • Waterproofing chemical coatings
  • Polyurethane Application (PU Spray Foam Insulation)

Cementitious Roof Waterproofing Service

Cementitious roof waterproofing service technique is a flexible, Polymer modified cement based waterproofing protective coating which is generally used to make a roof waterproof. It has excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance and waterproofing properties which helps to make a roof waterproof and protect it from seepage by providing seamless protective waterproofing coats.

To make a roof waterproof by using cementitious waterproofing service technique require a specific surface preparation before cementitious waterproofing coating in order to make roof waterproof. The surface must be sound, clean and from all dust particles. I must be free from cracks, if there is any crack on roof surface then it must be fill first and after this it will be made waterproof with cementitious waterproofing coatings. The surface of roof must be free from and bond breakers, such as oil, grease, dirt, loose particles, remains of holes, defects, irregular surfaces and weak mortar joint

Unicorn Seal K1 product is categorize in cementitious waterproofing way to make a roof waterproof.

This product can also be use from bathroom waterproofing service and walls waterproofing service to prevent leakage and seepage appear on walls. This waterproofing is strongly resistance to water because of its unbeaten ability to withstand long term weathering. It bears heavy load and help to prevent surface cracks to prevent leakage and seepage. Roof surface preparation before waterproofing coating is so much important to get the desired results from cementitious waterproofing.

It is not a simple cement solution to make roof waterproof it provides complete protection against water penetration on roof. Its capacity and flexibility can be enhance by adding different waterproofing polymers along with water preventing agents, thickeners and additives. A mixture of all can make a perfect material to make a roof completely waterproof service.

Bituminous Waterproofing Service

Bitumen is widely use for roofs waterproofing. It can be cold ready to use or may be in liquid and solid foam. In Pakistan bitumen roof waterproofing service methods are divide into four waterproofing method. These are torch apply method, melt hot bitumen coating, cold ready to use bitumen coating and self-adhesive bituminous membrane.

One of the major advantages of this method of waterproofing is its high resistance to moisture and any chemical damage. It is easy and effective way to make a roof waterproof because it has no need to repair even after a long time. It has long life and reliable way to make a roof waterproof. Waterproofing membrane sheet is easy to install on roof when all necessary needed equipment are in easy access.

Installation of Waterproofing Membrane

The roof surface must be clear and free form any dust particle before installation of waterproofing membrane on roof.

Overlapping of membrane sheet is an important part of membrane sheet installation on roof surface. Bitumen membrane must be overlap by 3 inches on sides and 5 inches form the end approximately. This overlapping is helping in making membrane sheet’s grip and avoid water penetration on roof.

Bitumen is available in market in liquid as well as solid form. The liquid form can be directly use on roof surface. To make it waterproof because of its ready to use trait. But it must be sure that the surface is completely clear from any dust and crack. Solid bitumen is burn on high flame to bring it in use. It is consider the formal way to making roof waterproof. In earlier times most of the people use this material to make their roofs waterproof to prevent leakage and seepage problems.

Bitumen can be safely install and has the capability to seal all the cracks appear on roof surface.

There is no need of torch in self adhesive bitumen membrane sheet installation. So, it is use in such roof waterproofing which need no flame like wooden walls and roof surfaces. It is suitable for smaller areas and not particularly the entire roof. Some parts are wood made so torch is not beneficial in such areas to make it waterproof.

Waterproofing Chemical Coatings

Waterproofing chemical coatings on roof prevent leakage seepage problem it normally used in renovation projects. This chemical is also use in cracks filling appear on roof surface this is also effective in areas like basements also.

Polyurethane Application

Roof surface can be waterproof by polyurethane application. This is mostly use in bathrooms, kitchen, roof, terrace and wet areas like water tanks and swimming pools and brings effective results to prevent leakage seepage problems.

Before applying the polyurethane liquid waterproofing to any surface, clean the surface and fill cracks with a mixture made of one-part polyurethane-based filling and two-part white concrete. Apply a two-pack polyurethane coat to the surface. Allow it to dry for about 7 hours. This is the base layer. You would then need to apply three coatings of the polyurethane liquid waterproofing with a brush having a drying out time of about 14 hours between each coating.

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