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Ultra Epoxy Tile Grout | Tile Grout | Construction Adhesives

Ultra Construction Epoxy Tile Grout, like the name, shows it is the grooves between the tiles. In those areas where acid-proof tiles are applied, if their grooves are filled with the common cement grouts, then they become hollow again and again as the Chemicals are applied, they expire. For all the areas that include Chemical processing areas, Chemical production plants or the laboratories where acid-proof tiles are applied, their grooves are always filled with the tile grout. Ultra epoxy tile grouts are three component-based products in which one is base, one is hardener and the third one is Aggregate. Both the three are mixed well and are applied in the grooves of the tiles. During application in the grooves of the tiles If any stain, drop or part of ultra epoxy tile grout is spilled on the tiles, then it should be cleaned immediately because it's a reliable product that if It is dried on The tile then it is very difficult to remove it from the tile.