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Ultra Accelerator 727 | Power 1100 | | Waterproof| Joint Sealant

The shuttering of every concrete structure Is opened at least 10 to 15 days after pouring. When you want to open the shattering early on fast track projects, Usually in the winter, more than 10 to15 days may require more than 20 to 25 for 30 days are required to open the shuttering. Ultra accelerators are used for all these kinds of concrete. Ultra admixtures 727 is a complete mixture for Fast Track Projects Which is a naphthalene Product. In the concrete it should be added From 500ml per bag To 1 litre per bag Along with water in the mixture.There is one precaution with it thatAs you add concrete admixture Then the amount of water Should be reduced that means That in usual cases if you Are adding 25 litre of water Then with accelerator 727 the amount of water ship the 15 litre. That means the main purpose of concrete admixture is Water reduction And this Ultra accelerator 727 Does Height water reduction.