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Ultra Cure 603 | Surface Treatment | Hard Flooring

In such construction areas or projects, where water is not available to wet concrete, where the canal lining is done, it is done in very remote areas, the concrete is made and water is not available, there Ultra Cure 603 is beneficent. You can also apply Ultra Cure 603 spray on top of fresh concrete, or you can apply it with a brush. It has a light layer on concrete which does not allow to evaporate the moisture of the concrete. And the process of dehydration of the interior of the concrete is completed with the use of its own water. And no matter what the strength of the cement, Ultra Cure 603, is available in the packing of 5 liter and 210 liter. Ultra Cure 603 is available in 2 types of color, either colorless or white in color, and they are more durable.

Ultra Expanding Grout | Hard Flooring | Grouts and Anchors

Ultra Construction Expanding Grout is available in 10 kg bags. The specialty of common concrete is that it is shrinkable after it gets dry, so if you want a cheap solution for non-shrinkage of the concrete, you can use Ultra Expanding Grout at most for the big projects. Ultra Expanding uses up to 250 grams in a cement bag. And inside a cement bag, 250 grams of Ultra Expanding Grout make complete concrete non shrinkable. Ultra Expanding Grout is used to make any fragile concrete shrinkable. In addition, ultra Expanding Grout is used to make the Sewerage pipes, big bridges pillars, non shrinkalbe.