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Ultra Prime Coat | Emulsufied Asphalt | Crack Filler

Before 2013, all roads in Pakistan were made with cutback technology. This means that cutbacks, prime coats and tack coats were used, which not only endangered the environment but also cost hundreds of workers lives every year. The use of Cutback Asphalt in the whole world is completely ban, its use is count as criminal act and user face the punishment. In 2013, Ultra Construction Chemical Private Limited installed the latest Emulsifiers of Asphalt in Pakistan with the help of Ultra Chemical LLC USA. And Ultra's Prime coat, Tack Coat production started here. When new road is build and road stones are apply on road and after compaction Ultra Prime coat is sprayed on it. The Ultra Prime Coat is an Emulsified Prime Coat, a water-based primer coat, which have no need to boil. It gives an intriguing grip with aggregate. It is a ready to use product, available in 218kg drums and in bulk.

Ultra Tack Coat | Emulsified Asphalt | Industrial Flooring

Ultra Construction Tack Coat is used during road making. This means that Ultra Tack Coat is used for bonding the two layers to each other as soon as one layer of Asphalt is made and another layer is placed on top of it. Ultra Tack Coat is an Emulsified Asphalt base, it does not need to be heated. This is a ready to use product, instantly spray it and get benefits. It is available in 218kg drums and in bulk. Features: • Provides an excellent bond between the surfacing and eliminator • Contrasting colour for easy application • Heat activated by the asphalt surfacing temperature Ultra Tack Coat is essentially a type of industrial glue that is used in the pavement construction trade to bind together layers of asphalt on roadways. It is an emulsion that is a liquid-liquid mixture of asphalt binder, water, and emulsifying chemicals that act to mix the ingredients together in a colloidal suspension.