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Ultra Bitumen Emulsion | Waterprofing Floor | Construction

Ultra Construction Bitumen Emulsion is a bitumen base product which is used for waterproofing purposes. It is a single component product and is available in different packing, as it may be available in 15 kg and also available in 30 kg, 218 kg drums. Ultra Bitumen Emulsion is a ready to use product. In past to use bitumen, there is need to heat it by adding crude oil in it and it causes accidents. However Ultra Construction Chemical Private Limited has installed the latest bitumen emulsion plant in Pakistan in 2013 and this product is being used successfully all over the Pakistan. It is used to protect any cementitious structure. If these are sewerage pipelines, sewerage pipes, or piling of bridges, it is recommended to use Bitumen Emulsion on top of all, overhead contractors, on top of NHA projects. And we have this ready-to-use product, adding more polymers to make it more durable. The Ultra Bitumen Emulsion is very durable and provides long life protection to the structure.

Ultra Membrane Seal | Waterproofing | Construction in Pakistan

Ultra Construction membrane seal is a very useful product for waterproofing specially on the big structures. It is a two component based product, one liquid, 5 liters and the other 10 kg powder. This 10 kg powder has to be mixed with 5 liters of liquid. You will find it as distemper after mixing both components. In fact, if the Ultra Membrane Seal is not applied before and the tiles have been laid on the roof the definitely it will have cracks in the roof, or the penetration of water is increasing. Ultra Membrane Seal is a polymer base, it becomes part of the structure. When you put the first coat on it, it will penetrate in the structure and become the part of the structure then second coat will protect the first one and prevents movement and vibration and eliminates crashes.

Ultra Tuff Coat 100 | Industrial Flooring | Construction

Ultra Construction tuff coat 100 consists of two components, one is base and second is hardener. Hardener is applied to the surface by mixing it with the base. It can be applied to most surfaces such as kitchens, cooking areas, laboratory, etc., and can be used in outdoor areas as well as it is UV resistant. It is an anti corrosion, and can be use on iron and iron roofs. This beautiful coating can be used in different places on the top of the iron sheet, on the top of the concrete surface. Features/Benefits: • Provides excellent wear under traffic • Excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals • Hardens to a semi-gloss finish • Easy to apply with standard equipment • Can be applied as a nonslip floor finish • Available in a variety of colors • No separate primer required • Applications Food processing plants: • Auto/truck repair bays • Warehouse floors • Chemical plants • Manufacturing plants • Mechanical rooms