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Ultra Aerolastic Sealants | Epoxy Coating | Hardfloor | Chemical

Ultra construction Aeroelastic Sealants is a bitumen based product and this is a hot applied product because it is heated before applying. It is obvious from its name “aeroelastic” that it is used for runaways and their joints. Similarly it is also used in the airport joints and hangers. This is the fuel resistant product which does not spoil on any kind of spill like oil or grease. Usually it is used in the top big runways of Pakistan, airports and it seems to be flexible after application and it is durable and has long life effects. It is durable and used as a long life Sealant. It is durable and used as a long life Sealant.

Ultra Tile Grout | Construction Chemicals | Waterproof Flooring

Ultra Construction Tile Grout Joint Filler is polymer-modified, waterproof tile grout for grouting between ceramic tiles after the adhesive has set. It is produced from carefully selected raw materials for consistency of product, hardens in 24 hours. Ultra Tile Grout is a blend of specially selected cements, fillers and synthetic organic polymers. When added to water it readily blends to produce a smooth creamy paste which is water and mold resistant. Ultra tile grout is one of the best Ultra Construction Chemical products. Ultra tile grout is available in a 1 kg package and it is available in all colors by matching up all tiles with all colors. All the 1kg packs are packed inside are 10 kg packs. Ultra tile grout is mainly used for the filling of tiles that is applied to the growth of the tiles and it is a cement-based product. It's ready to use product You just have to add water then you will have the best cement-based tile grout containing all the polymers.

Ultra Weather Shield | Construction Chemicals Manufacturers

Ultra Construction Weather Shield is available in different beautiful colors. Usually Weather Shields start to spoil in 2 to 3 years and get destroyed due to weather effects. The Ultra Weather Shield, designed by Ultra Construction is designed to enhance the look and feel of your building. The Ultra Weather Shield is available in a variety of colors and protects your buildings from all kinds of weather conditions.