Concrete roof heatproofing

Concrete Roof Heatproofing

Heat proofing is a method or a process applied in warm areas to avoid heat. In this process the surface of a building or a house is cover with a chemical or material having heat reflecting quality. Unicorn chemical pvt limited provide the best chemicals and material used for the purpose of heatproofing. Chemical and material use for the purpose of heatproofing are categorize according to surface of building. In Pakistan mostly buildings are construct with concrete admixture because of lower rate of cement comparatively and availability of concrete raw material in market. And we need to know about those waterproofing chemicals which are consider best and suitable for concrete roof heatproofing.

Due to advancement is science and technology there are plenty of solutions to avoid heat transfer in warm areas. In this blog we discuss the solutions and material used to overcome the problem of heat transfer in buildings constructed by cement and concrete admixture.

Below mentioned materials are use for heatproofing of a concrete roof:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Heat proofing paint
  • Polyurethane spray form insulation
  • Mineral Rock
  • Water sprinklers
  • Metal shade

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is a material that provides protection from light, oxygen, bacteria and moisture it is made of aluminum in the form of thin metal leaves. Because of its traits it is use in cooking, packaging and pharmaceutical industry.

Because of its water resistant and heat protection quality it is widely use for the purpose of heat proofing as well as to avoid leakage and seepage. For the purpose of heatproofing and waterproofing we use normally a material known as bitumen membrane sheet with aluminum foil.

Bitumen membrane sheet with aluminum foil is apply on the roof; the end of bitumen sheet is place at the bottom while the other side of aluminum foil is place on the top. It is consider the best material for concrete roof. Bitumen form a barrier for water to enter and the heat reflecting quality of aluminum foil fulfill the requirements of heatproofing.

Heatproofing paint

Heat proofing paint is considered the easiest material use for the heatproofing purposes. The chemical used in such paints called Elastomeric. This chemical is quite effecting and has best heat reflecting quality. Heat proofing paint takes few hours for application and desire results can easily be achieve. This heatproofing material can be apply on concrete roof to get desire results.

Polyurethane spray form insulation

This heat insulation material polyurethane spray make concrete roof air-tight, with the help of this quality of PU spray a concrete roof can make heatproof and the requirements of heatproofing can easily be fulfill. This insulation material can be apply virtually on the required surface.

Mineral Rock

In order to reduce the heat from concrete roof a material called mineral rock is apply in the roof in form of white paint. It is good heat reflecting paint. This heatproofing insulation material is expensive comparatively.

Water sprinklers

Water sprinklers are use to overcome the effect of heat normally in summer seasons. This water sprinkler is similar to those which are place on garden for the refreshments of plants. This sprinkler can be apply on the concrete roof. Because of evaporation the cooling effect can be feel.

Metal shade

Metal shades have solid metallic roofing material. During day time these metal shade protect from warm rays of sunlight and during rainy season it protect a house or building form the adverse effect of leakage and seepage by performing as barrier in the way of water to enter.

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