All types of steel buildings, including commercial, industrial, residential, institutional, agricultural, aeroplane hangars, mini storage, churches, and more, are produce by Unicorn Chemical, a reputable full-steel building manufacturers in Pakistan.

Unicorn Chemical has been family owned and operate since its founded. We currently have over 40,000 projects under construction in Southwestern Pakistan and are the top vendor of steel buildings and components in Arizona.

Working with the leading pre-engineered steel building manufacturer in the Southwest will make a difference, whether you choose our turn-key classic garage or one of our most cutting-edge building systems.

Beyond doing business with a reliable company with extensive industry knowledge, Unicorn Chemical manufactures your steel building with a number of benefits.

Construct Something Differently

Unicorn Chemical is still dedicate to fabricating our parts and structures on-site. We create pre-engineered steel building manufacturers in Pakistan base on your unique requirements, not a one-size-fits-all approach. As a result, many of the details in our buildings are ones that other companies in the sector add after the fact.

The Unicorn Chemical Manufactured Steel Buildings Differences

In addition to investing in a steel project when you purchase a Unicorn Chemical building, you also gain ease and assurance. You can rely on us to provide the structure you require and the quality service you deserve.

Creating and Customizing

Every steel structure is custom-made. We create designs that meet your needs and the requirements of your city and county.


A pre-engineered building is a structure that is construct on-site from pre-fabricated parts that are streamline for speedy assembly. This is a more affordable choice than traditional building.

Produced in-house

Unicorn Chemical is the source and manufacturer of our products; we are not a broker.

Good and Convenient

We offer several choices for product delivery and work closely with you at every stage of steel building manufacturers in Pakistan.