Hygrip membrane roll price in Pakistan


Hy-Grip changed bituminous membranes are synthetic to the very best degree of worldwide excellent requirements and are presented for a whole lot of programs. It is manufactures for roofs, re-roofing, handy and non-handy roofs, automobile parking decks, and a whole lot of different programs each with inside the home and commercial sectors. Hygrip membrane roll price in Pakistan is affordable at Unicorn Chemical.

Format of installation Hygrip

Following are the steps of the installation of Hygrip Membrane.

  • All concrete pours are fill with the Hygrip primer and this primer also act as an anti-roof waterproofing system.
  • Apply first coat directly of the joint sealing compound coated as a primer.
  • Apply polyester direct on the primer.
  • Then again apply coat of joint sealing compound.
  • Again apply the polyester same as before.
  • Finally, apply the last coat of joint sealing compound on polyester. On the last coat of joint sealing compound Hygrip primer apply.
  • Hygrip membrane roll price in Pakistan is affordable at Unicorn Chemical.

Advantages of Hygrip

  • The system is hot apply which yields high plasticity and synthetic rubber base modified bitumen. Make the coat more flexible and high waterproofing of structure.
  • Excellent resistance of water
  • The life of the waterproofing structure would measure with the life of structure once it is fully cover with concrete.

How to calculate the Hygrip Roll Price in Pakistan?

Unicorn Chemical presented with a guide that will help readers in finding out the method used to calculate the Hygrip membrane roll price in Pakistan for the job. For something associated with waterproofing solution, which incorporates a chemical utility or membrane-primarily based totally solution, we want to calculate the area. Talking approximately the area, it’s calculate in square foot.

Lumpsum Cost

If the area is small and the roof grip membrane needs to apply over it. Most of the contractors prefer to charge a lump sum cost for it. The main reason for this is because the Hygrip membrane comes in rolls. Which apply over the straight floor.

Labor Cost

First and foremost, we need an experienced and capable labor force to apply the Hygrip membrane over the surface in the first place.The total cost of Hygrip membrane roll price in Pakistan must include labor charges as well.

Equipment Charges

There is other equipment, such as protective shoes, paintbrushes, bucks, and other equipment. Which need during the job in the first place.The Hygrip membrane requires equipment. So that it’s properly apply over the surface.

Service Charges

There are different services provide by different companies, but there’s always some benefit pertain from people selling the Hygrip membrane product along with its application. The total cost of Hygrip membrane roll price in Pakistan somtims include service charges as well if customer wants Hygrip roll an its installation.

Want To Know The Final Price Of Hygrip Roll Price In Pakistan?

There are more than one instances where people are looking to avail of the hygrip membrane rolls for their surface because of the high amount of leakage and seepage trouble.

If you are one of them, simply contact, Unicorn Chemical



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