Unicorn Chemical, pioneers in high-quality reinforcing products since 2010, is the largest completely automated steel manufacturer in Pakistan, with an annual melting capacity of 450,000 metric tonnes and an annual rolling capacity of 250,000 metric tonnes. One of the biggest investments made by the private sector in Pakistan’s steel sector is Unicorn Chemical. The fastest-growing steel producer in Pakistan, that takes pleasure in always enhancing the calibre of its output. It is top in the list of steel companies in Pakistan.

The Only High Quality and Best Processing Electric Arc Furnace in the Private Sector
Environmental protection that is thorough and consistent, along with market-driven innovation that ensures customer satisfaction. We provide high quality steel bars to customers or businesses.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Hold onto the top spot for quality.
  • Establish industry standards for effective resource use.
  • Become the top choice for clients based on quality and price.

Our Key Values

  • No compromising when it comes to ethics.
  • Reward performance that focuses on results.
  • esteem fidelity
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Obtain the confidence of all parties.


  • Be committed to accomplishing corporate goals.
  • Utilize cutting-edge green technology that is environmentally beneficial.
  • Utilize an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Become the preferred employer.
  • Give back to our community by engaging in successful CSR initiatives.

How we are best in the construction of steel than the other Steel Companies in Pakistan?

The only business in Pakistan with an Electric Arc Furnace with Eccentric Bottom Tapping Technology, an internationally renowned method of producing steel, is Unicorn Chemical. Built with innately high efficiency, our facilities allow us to create just a range of steel grades that are excellent and unequalled in terms of their quality, strength, durability, and bonding qualities.

The Electric Arc Furnace employs various forms of scrap (shredded, DRI, LMS, HMS, HBI, pig iron, etc.) to manufacture 100% refined Steel, in contrast to other businesses in Pakistan that use an antiquated and internationally outlawed induction furnace (steel melting technique). The primary benefit of using DRI is the ability to dilute Cu and Sn, which is not achievable when using an induction furnace.

The EAF process also has the ability to remove impurities from steel (via decarbonization and dephosphorization) that weaken it over time, resulting in 100% Refined Steel Rebars that stand the test of time.

Additionally, Tramp & Trace elements can be better controlled in an electric arc furnace. Unicorn Chemical also has the largest batch/heat capacity among its rivals, at 45-50 MT/batch.

An Original Ladle Refining Technology

Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF), which is connected to Unicorn Chemical Electric Arc Furnace, starts a secondary metallurgy procedure to purge sulphur from liquid steel. LRF also aids in the removal of non-metallic inclusions like oxides, sulphides, and nitrides, among others, and precisely regulates the chemistry of the molten metal through an allowing system, enabling the steel to reach the ideal oxygen ppm in accordance with required grades and also removing silicon, ensuring that every Steel Bar produced by Unicorn Chemical is 100% pure, every time. That’s why we are top in the list of steel companies in Pakistan