The Metal Steel Building in Pakistan is an entire steel frame building system with pre-designed components that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the customer.

The finished building shell includes all sub structural components, such as mezzanine floors, crane systems, canopies, fascia, and internal walls.

Importance of Metal Steel buildings

The metal steel building in Pakistan provides the end-user with a number of benefits, the most notable of which are low initial costs, quick construction times, low maintenance costs, large clear spans, an infinite number of layout options, built-in earthquake resistance, ease of expansion, and a distinctively attractive appearance.

For warehouses, distribution centres, and industrial facilities, the PEB system is the industry standard. In low-rise smart structures, business office buildings, and mixed-use facilities, it is also growing in popularity. Construction projects for institutions and the government are some of the sectors where PEB systems are being employed more frequently.

These structures are becoming more widely accepted as trustworthy, aesthetically appealing, energy-efficient, and economical options. Modern building owners are making metal construction systems a natural choice due to its sustainable qualities, recycled material, and recyclable nature.

Why choose us?

Nothing compares to Unicorn Chemical Pre-Engineered Building System’s versatility, flexibility, and overall value-engineering from planning to occupancy. Without a doubt, one of the most rapidly expanding construction systems in the world is the pre-engineered building system. All stakeholders interested in the initiative are drawn to its benefits. Who, after all, can resist a building system that delivers efficiency, excellence, and affordability?

Pre-engineered buildings have a wide range of uses. Metal Steel Building in Pakistan are appropriate for any non-residential low-rise building, to put it briefly.

The following are the components of our metal steel building in Pakistan:

  • The Basic Framing (main frames)
  • Additional Framing (Z and C sections)
  • Wall and roof panels (single skin and insulated sandwich panels)
  • Steel Joists, Steel Decks, and a composite floor system called HAMBRO D500
  • structural components (Canopies, Fascias, Partitions, etc.)
  • Platforms, catwalks, mezzanines, and other architectural accents (Sliding Doors, Roll Up Doors, Windows, Louvers, etc.)